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Q&A: Flu shot for baby?

Should my baby get a flu shot?

Re: Should my baby get a flu shot?

The Bump Expert

If baby is at least six months old, the government's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) says yes. Children age six months to five years are in the high risk category for flu complications, so immunization could literally be a life-saver.

Worried about mercury? You can check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site for info on which flu shots do (and don't) contain thimerosal (the preservative in some shots that contains ethlymercury). According to the CDC, "There is no convincing evidence of harm caused by the small amount of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor effects like swelling and redness at the injection site due to sensitivity to thimerosal," so don't freak out if the shot you're looking for isn't available. But do your homework and ask your docs about your options -- the government anticipates plenty of thermerosal-free vaccines to go around for the under three set.

And, if your child is two-years-old or older, there's a new mercury-free alternative: the nasal spray vaccine, FluMist. The spray was previously only available to kids over five, but it has now been approved for younger tots! However, you should steer clear if baby has asthma or does a lot of wheezing -- this one is not for those with respiratory issues.

Important note: If your baby is less than six months or has an egg allergy (talk to your ped if you aren't sure), skip both forms of the vaccine!

Erin van Vuuren

Q&A: Flu shot for baby?

And how much testing have they done on babies and the H1N1 vaccine? Since they have combined both regular flu and H1N1 vaccines, they are forcing us to get it. With side effects such as Guillain Barre syndrome, how can we be convinced this is the best thing for our babies?

rashidac |

Q&A: Flu shot for baby?

I think the answer is yes. Children age six months to five years are in the high risk category for flu complications, so immunization could literally be a life-saver. Get apps about baby and care for Android in APK version on the APKLate site.

jesmarrie |

Q&A: Flu shot for baby?

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Jenny095624 |

Q&A: Flu shot for baby?

I say No! I usually don't give my kids flu shits because they tend to get sick from the shot anyway. However, at my son's 6 month doctor visit my doctor insisted that the baby get his flu shots. I hesitated but finally agreed especially because my 5 year old keeps bringing all types of bacteria from school and I really wanted to protect the baby. Well... Let me tell you after his first shot my baby ended up getting bronchitis. It was really bad. A lot worse then a simple stuffy nose which he had gotten before. Yeah needless to say I canceled the second appointment for the other dose of the flu shot. He's doing better now and I don't want a sick baby again! I got the flu shot a few years back and I have never been so sick as I was that year. So no thank you to the flu shot.

Kevr0033 |

Q&A: Flu shot for baby?

Kevr0033 is an idiot. First of all, your five year old may bring home lots of bacteria, but influenza is a virus. But we all know what you mean, so I'll give you that one. Bronchitis is not caused by the flu vaccine. If your child got bronchitis right after the vaccine, the two were not related, don't confuse correlation with causation. A thing to remember, TENS OF THOUSANDS of people die from flu each year in this country. It is the most deadly infectious disease most people in this country ever deal with. Almost all of those deaths are in the very young or the very old. Influenza is a bad disease, if you can vaccinate against it, you definitely should. Don't be an idiot Kevr0033.

buddha2490 |

Q&A: Flu shot for baby?

Buddha2490???? With a username like "buddha2490" I'm very shocked by your unenlightened language. I think you should change your username…I have a few suggestions. I have read so many arguments on both sides and what I have discovered is that there is a great deal of evidence supporting both sides. Giving vaccinations to your babies, or choosing not to, is a complete gamble PERIOD! If you don't vaccinate you run the risk of them getting one of these serious or even fatal diseases. If you do vaccinate you run the risk of them having severe brain damage, autism, or even death. It's a VERY difficult decision that parents have to make. I know too many parents that vaccinated and immediately noticed a change in their formerly completely normal child that now is autistic. But on the other hand I live in Thailand and just last month a friend of a friend contracted Japanese encephalitis. My doctor here is very understanding and first she suggested that I vaccinate for diseases that there are no cures or treatment for but wait until 12 months. Today we are going in for my daughters bundle shot and they claim to have no mercury/preservatives in the refrigerated single dose shots here. I'm terrified. It's a hard gamble but we should be helping each other with the sharing of information and supporting each other. If you have an opinion why not express it positively and without animosity ladies. Because, again, after hours and hours and hours of reading information on both sides the truth is that there are dangers and risks either way. It is a choice that we make and we pray that it's the right one for our child.

WHjert |