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Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

I'm all about going green... Now that I have a baby, what else can I do to take care of the environment?

Re: I'm all about going green... Now that I have a baby, what else can I do to take care of the environment?

The Bump Expert

We like that question! Here are some tips to get you started...

[  ] Make your own baby food. (Wash your fruits and veggies, steam or boil, throw 'em in the blender, hit puree, strain, and serve!) Not your scene? Try organic store-bought versions. You'll find a ton of options from Gerber and Earth's Best on the shelves, or hit the freezer section for a frozen baby meal from Plum Organics or the Brooklyn-based Happy Baby. (Frozen baby foods may have more nutrients intact.)

[  ] Use non-toxic cleaners, and take measures to avoid contact. Dilute your chosen suds (non-toxic or not), give all surfaces a clean-water rinse after scrubbing, wash sponges and cloths thoroughly, and allow the area a few hours of ventilation.

[  ] Try an earth-friendly sling made of organic cotton and hemp. (Crops of hemp enrich the soil and decrease run-off.)

[  ] Buy toys made from organic fibers, wood, or other natural materials. Can't avoid the influx of plastics? Just be sure to donate them when baby's done -- many major hospitals accept used toys made of hard plastics.

[  ] As for the diaper: Cloth or disposable? It's a tricky question, and some moms are even getting fed up and going diaper-free! (We aren't so brave.) Check out gDiapers -- this new company makes a biodegradable, flushable insert that fits inside a breathable liner.

The Bump Editors

re: Q: Eco-Friendly Parenting?

For earth-friendly and socially responsible products search You can search by category and there are lots of online retailers that provide organic and natural products.

Athena2375 |

re: Q: Eco-Friendly Parenting?

I just tried Gdiapers - you can now buy them at Whole Foods and I believe they are less expensive there than on the web site. They take a little more work, but aren't too bad. Even if you just throw the insert away it's better than throwing out regular disposible diapers. Worth a try!

K&A2005 |

re: Q: Eco-Friendly Parenting?

I recommend for natural products. They ship all over the US and to Canada too. All products are rated by their Green Standards according to the impact each product has on the environment, plus none of their products are tested on animals or contain harmful chemicals.

Blkshoegrl |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

Hi! Check out on homemade baby food (reduces plastic waste) and tips on cloth diapering and breastfeeding.

ruthiebell |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

I didn't like gdiapers all that much. It seemed easier just to purchase cloth diapers and wash the whole thing instead of having the extra step to flush the insert. We use bum genius one size. They're supposed to fit her until she is potty trained (they have size snaps). So far we've used them from about six weeks to six months and they're still good. You can get them on

heather.weeder |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

I like BumGenius All-in-One cloth diapers. I use Bumkins liners with these to collect the poop and let the pee go into the diaper. Just throw the liner in the trash or toilet and wash the diaper in the laundry. Super easy and saves a ton of money!

SkylinD |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

I also recommend Sprout Baby Food, they are organic (great for reducing pesticides and sustainable farming) and they are the only one that allows you to upcycle the packaging with to reduce waste to landfills.

nbohorad |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

We tried gDiapers for our son, who seems to be a heavy wetter and they were not my favorite. However, we received some Fuzzi Bunz as a gift from my SIL and they work wonderfully! We have 22 of them and that is a great amount. I still have to do a load of diapers daily, but I don't mind since we're saving a bundle on disposables. You can get them discounted at

Snarkle |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

I think eco-friendly parenting starts with an eco-friendly lifestyle. Children will always learn from their parents' personal example rather than from lectures and life lessons, so if my children notice I recycle, I limit my waste as much as possible, I dispose of large appliances and furniture in a civilized manner by calling junk removal san jose, they're most likely to follow in my foot steps when they'll grow up.

kci15 |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

I think it is really important to grow up your child in a eco-friendly environment, not only because it is a healthy way of doing it, but because it is a important part of the education you should provide as a parent. There are many websites on the Cheap Cloud Server that offer good advice in this area.

ada360 |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

The only way in which we managed to go green in our house was by optimizing the water consumption. Not that we felt this in any particular way, because we kept enjoying our new bathroom vanities and steam shower. We found that on a great offer on I must tell you the kids were in love with the steam shower. It was like a charming new game to play for them.

conquerer |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

Watch out for the products that might contain VOCs, formaldehyde, any animal products or turpentine, because they're toxic for you and the baby. Also, my husband's been thinking about buying a thermal oxidizer, due to its ecological aspects. There are a lot of things you can do to be ecologically fair.

CheyanneEdith |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

We love Gdiapers! They work for us. We do toss the inserts but it's a lot less waste then disposable diapers.

miniBW |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

I also really like Bum Genius all in one diapers because they fit babies 8-35ish lbs and there is no stuffing or pinning required I used to think I could NEVER switch to cloth but these are so easy to use. Since we plan on having more kids we will get a lot of use out of them. However, I am not sure I would use them with a newborn. The cloth diapers are NOT fun to use with runny blowouts.

Saragarcia09 |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

Taking care of the environment is very important as we must make sure that our children will live in a clean environment. The staff at work on a lot of interesting projects and presenting their plans to our kids would make them more aware about the importance of taking care of our planet.

amyabel68 |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

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kadopasutri |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

This is the best way to be, because you surely want your child to live in a clean environment! This is the moment to act and to change your entire behavior in order to become an eco-friendly person or family. If you take a look at a few waste disposal services, like dispose hazardous waste in Los Angeles and see how much effort the workers do to maintain an area clean, you will understand how important is for everyone to live green and to protect the environment as much as you can.

marta8080 |

Q&A: Eco-friendly parenting?

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jessicatrishy |