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Q&A: Does baby have strep throat?

Does baby have a strep infection, or is it just a sore throat?

Re: Does baby have a strep infection, or is it just a sore throat?

The Bump Expert

Even if you’re not a doc, you can get an inkling of the difference between strep throat and a sore throat just by taking a quick peek into your child’s mouth. Strep throat is a bacterial infection caused by the streptococcus bacterium and is typically diagnosed by a red throat with or without pus. Moms and docs also tend to note a distinctive odor—“strep breath”—that smells different (and worse) than when Junior has a cold. If the sore throat is present without nasal dripping, then it’s most likely strep and not a cold or other infection.

Your child may feel a little more lethargic; have a fever, and even stomach pain, or none of the above. If you suspect strep, you’ll want to have your child’s throat swabbed and the cells cultured to ID whether the bacteria are present. If your kid is getting more than five or six strep infections a year, it’s worth a visit to the ear, nose, and throat doc, or pediatric otolaryngologist, to see if she needs to have her tonsils taken out, as they may be hiding grounds for the little strep buggers.

Answer excerpted from You Raising Your Child

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Q&A: Does baby have strep throat?

My husband is just now getting over strep and when he went the doc, we asked about our 9 week old and she said that babies dont have the glands yet and cant get strep but there can be that odd ball so to keep the contact with baby away until 24 hours on antibiotics and then it is safe. Hope that helps.

Jamielynnnoodle |

Q&A: Does baby have strep throat?

It's very unusual for children under 2 to get strep.

jeapplegate |

Q&A: Does baby have strep throat?

My son got strip throat 4 times before he turned 2. He had it the day our daughter was born and her ped told us what to watch for as though unusual it was quite possible for her to get it as he was in the delivery room 10 minutes before she was born. We didn't know he had it and she was coming really fast that's why he was there.

ShaunsMom |

Q&A: Does baby have strep throat?

Although the throat culture test is the only way to know for sure if you have a strep throat, sometimes you can distinguish between the two based on your symptoms: Some distinctive features of strep throat (Group A streptococcal infection): - temperature higher than 38.5°C (101.3°F) is a typical symptom with strep. - bright red inflamed tonsils; white or yellow spots; coating on the tonsils; swollen lymph in the front of the neck are also typical symptoms of strep. - strep usually has a sudden onset, with a fever that peaks on the second day.

DoubleMom |