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Q&A: Differences between a nanny and daycare?

I'm trying to make childcare plans for my baby once my maternity leave is over. How do I decide whether daycare or a nanny is right for me?

Re: I'm trying to make childcare plans for my baby once my maternity leave is over. How do I decide whether daycare or a nanny is right for me?

The Bump Expert

Both strategies have their pros and cons. Daycare is less expensive than hiring a full-time nanny, and baby will be surrounded by other children in a stimulating environment. However, no daycare center will be able to provide the level of personal attention that a nanny can.  Also, if you and your spouse leave for work early or stay late often,  it might be difficult to find a center to accommodate your hours. A nanny is more likely to be flexible -- provided you pay her for the extra time. Finding the “perfect” nanny is tricky, though. (Um, there isn’t one... but you can come pretty close.) The only way to decide what’s right for you is to visit a number of daycare centers and interview a number of nannies. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few options that work with your schedule and budget, go with your gut for the final decision.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Nanny vs. Daycare

I work at a daycare and personally I would say it depends on you and your personality. Are you the type of person that things have to be done at certain times like you have a real strict schedule or are you going to be a little lax (for lack of a better word) on some stuff? I work in the toddler room and some parents come in with all these demands and I have to tell them "I can't do that I have 9 other children besides yours and I can't always give special attention to one" Also I work at an extremely expensive daycare (in my opinion) and I think if you're going to pay that much you probably have a day nanny maybe not a live in one but a day one and they will be able to give your baby one on one care. Either way you're going to be paying a lot because at daycares like with nannies you have to buy/provide diapers, wipes, extra clothes, medicine, etc etc. Plus also think about it; with a nanny if it works out your baby will have the same caregiver until they go to school whereas with daycare by their first year, they'll start transitioning to new teachers every six months or so.

LadyNieto |

re: Q: Nanny vs. Daycare

One other important issue: daycares are inspected and licenced by the state; there is no certification or licensure for nannies in this country. Also with a daycare you have other sets of eyes (i.e. those of the other parents); with a nanny, it's just whatever you see going on unless you use a nannycam!There certainly are advantages to having a nanny--more flexibility with hours, you get to choose your schedule, your toys, your crib, your rules...

iluvmadbiker |

Q&A: Differences between a nanny and daycare?

I am so scared either way!!! My baby is 14 weeks and I am a stay at home mom for now. We were just talking about me going back to work but I really want to wait until she can talk. I know thats going to be a while but im just not comfortable leaving my baby with people I dont know. My friends cousin works in a daycare and they 'discipline' there kids. They pop them on the hands and stuff. This is NOT acceptable for my child! I would hate to see what would happen to the person that dared to put there hands on my child.

melharley |

Q&A: Differences between a nanny and daycare?

I have been working in childcare for 15 years, 6 years as a lead infant teacher in daycare and 9 years as a professional nanny. Daycare centers and nannies do each have their pros and con's, I am more comfortable with nannying. Daycare is great, like someone else said here, for stimulation, cost, and the sense of knowing that there are multiple people with their eyes on your child at all times. Some of the downfalls of daycare include, hours, not much personal attention, and often afternoon teachers are young girls. Some pros of hiring a nanny are that your child will get one on one attention, they can be out during the day (getting fresh air at the park, socializing in classes, and going on playdates), a nanny will often assist you with laundry and other things around the house. The cons would be that when your nanny calls out you have to miss work, a good nanny can be hard to come by, a nanny will cost you considerably more money than daycare. I would say to start off by determining your budget.If you are still having a hard time from there you can start touring a couple of daycares and interviewing a couple of nannys to see where you feel more comfortable. This is a hard decision for everyone and you are not alone.... Good luck :)

Krzbizkit77 |

Q&A: Differences between a nanny and daycare?

I have a nanny who is a fam member. Now, there are so many things i disagree with as far as the complaints about how i chose to wash, feed, and clothe my baby, but i would rather have her care for my baby with best interest than a daycare where as other moms at work have explained that daycare babies have their diaper changed every 2-4 hours and bibs were being shared. Plus i can always count on her with one on one time with baby. She sings to her, rocks her, helps her crawl, makes her laugh, etc. All the stuff id do with my baby if i were home and daycare just wont do thi9s tuff bc of how many kids theyre looking after. Plus people now days are not trust worthy, so many daycare centers have been raided in my area for child abuse and sexual abuse towards the children and i really dont trust any day care to be around my child. Plus i wouldnt want my child growing up thinking its ok for so many people to be changing her diaper in front of others. its just mommy, daddy, grandma and babysitter. Thats it. I just feel safer with her nanny.

cmamsm |

Q&A: Differences between a nanny and daycare?

Another thing to consider... With most daycare centers, you pay regardless of if your child is sick (and can't go to daycare), if they are closed for a holiday... With some Nannies, you can negotiate that if you dont bring the child to her, you don't have to pay that day. That was a HUGE help for us when we had our LO with a Nanny over the holidays. Now that she is in daycare, she's gotten so sick (It's normal but still!!!) I HATE having to pay daycare when I can't even bring her!

Shuutnstar |

Q&A: Differences between a nanny and daycare?

Where my husband and I live, in oil country, some nannies charge an arm and a leg. Even some of our daycares up here charge over $1500/monrh. If I had to pay that, I might as well stay home. But we found a local church that charges $170 and will be $180 by the time we have our little one. I don't mind paying for days my baby won't be there, there are some sacrifices I will have to make in order to provide for the littly guy. Paying for unused days, holidays or sick days may have to be if I can save a couple hundred and continue to make money for our home. Best of wishes to those trying to decide, it is a hard decision. I would rather stay home with the little one but we financially can't do that right now. God Bless

consultantthe |

Q&A: Differences between a nanny and daycare?

We might move to Stamford, Ct.. We are currently living in Abu Dhabi and my biggest worry is what to do with my 3 month baby if we move and both work... The maternity leave here is only 6 weeks so we already have a nanny, which is the cheapest and best option (approx 500 USD), Any idea of what is the salary of a nanny in Stamford? When you say that you take your child to church, what type of church is it? How many children are there? Do they accept infants? I have also seen that the daycares charge per week in the US. Does this mean that if, for example, i dont take my baby on a given week, they will waive the charges? Thanks for your help!

carmenortizfer |

Q&A: Differences between a nanny and daycare?

It's true that a full-time nanny can provide your child a high level of attention, but nothing compares with a developmental program for toddlers in Highland. Thanks to a creative curriculum, all children will develop new abilities and learn lots of things from the qualified staff, dedicated to care for your child.

elizabeth675 |