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How Do I Care for Baby’s Uncircumcised Penis?

My son isn’t circumcised. What are the ways that I can take care of his uncircumcised penis?


My son isn’t circumcised. What are the ways that I can take care of his uncircumcised penis?

The Bump Expert

Baby’s penis has two parts: the shaft and the glans, which are covered by a continuous layer of skin. When circumcision is performed, the part of the skin covering the glans is removed. If baby has an uncircumcised penis, his foreskin will retract. In most boys, the foreskin will retract by two years old, but sometimes it may take longer than that. You can keep your baby’s, um, member in shape by following a couple of easy maintenance steps.

If baby’s penis hasn’t retracted yet:

1) Clean his penis with some soap and water when you bathe him.

2) Be gentle and don’t pull the foreskin back forcefully.

3) You shouldn’t pull the foreskin back or try to retract it if it hasn’t separated from the tip of the penis yet. If you do, it can cause bleeding and adhesions (ouch!).

If baby’s penis has retracted:

1) Clean it by pulling back the foreskin and cleaning beneath it with soap and water.

2) Make sure you rinse and dry it completely before you put his foreskin back in place. Leaving the foreskin retracted can cause it to get stuck, and baby could be seriously injured or in pain.

3) When your child gets older, you should teach him how to clean it properly and regularly.
If baby seems to be in pain while urinating or if the foreskin becomes red and itchy, you should talk to his pediatrician.

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jeffrey berkowitz Jeffrey Berkowitz, MD, Pediatric Specialists of Plano in Texas

How Do I Care for Baby’s Uncircumcised Penis?

Hi, I'm a mother of two intact boys ages 9 years and 6 months. There is no special care for an infant's intact penis. Wipe off the outside in a downward motion at diaper changes and other than that you simply LEAVE IT ALONE. The ONLY person that should retract a boy's foreskin is the boy HIMSELF once it has naturally separated from the glans. At that time, he can retract, rinse, and replace the foreskin over the glans. He should not use soap as this can cause infections. It is not necessary to clean under an infant's foreskin. So even in the rare occurrence where you might see an infant has retracted himself at a diaper change, you just replace the skin back down and again leave it alone. The Whole Network has a lot of great information as well.

Emily7W |

How Do I Care for Baby’s Uncircumcised Penis?

Here's a great link that goes into detail on the normal development of the genitals. I changed hundreds of my little brothers' diapers (who were not circumcised) and never had to do anything special. Just wipe it. Sitting in the bathtub is the best remedy if he gets dirty from an explosive diaper or something. It's self cleaning, like girl parts, and any debris will work its way out in the tub. At ages 11 and 7 now, my brothers bathe themselves and were never given any specific instructions. He'll pull on it and figure things me! The average age for the foreskin to be fully retractable is 10 years.

ylime8286 |

How Do I Care for Baby’s Uncircumcised Penis?

Although there are many advantages to circumcision at birth in regards to hygiene and such other things, its not all that difficult to ensure everything is clean and taken care of down there. Just making sure to be a little considerate towards the area when changing etc can do the trick i think.

JTinkley |