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Q&A: Circumcision care?

How do I take care of my newborn boy’s circumcision?

Re: How do I take care of my newborn boy’s circumcision?

The Bump Expert

Caring for your little guy's most sensitive area after such a procedure might seem tricky, but there are actually just a few simple steps. Clean the region two or three times a day with warm water (no soap) and apply a protective lubricant (your pediatrician or the hospital should provide one) during diaper changes. Watch for signs of infection. Some redness and yellow scabbing is normal, and should fade within a week to ten days. Call your doctor if it doesn't, or if your son has a fever, swelling or redness that suddenly gets worse, yucky-smelling discharge or pus coming from the incision, or skin that is warm to the touch.

The good news is, though we do have to warn you about this stuff, it's actually very rare for circumcision sites to get infected... So try and cross that off your panicky-new-parent list of things to stress about.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Circumcision Care?

I recently had my son circumsized.... he ended up developing MRSA Staph infection. The surgeon who performed the procedure did not want to see him when we complained of redness and swelling and having a 101.9 temp. We took him to a children's hospital and the pediatric urologist pushed on the area and found pus oozing out. He was in another surgery that same day for them to drain the area. We were in the hospital for 5 days with our son hooked up to IV's for the antibiotic and a catheter so that he doesn't infect the incision for the drain. Now my son is perfectly fine....No thanks to the original surgeon... But Dell's Children's Hospital and Dr. Cortez are the greatest.... They acted fast and let us know EVERYTHING that was going on!! Now, my son has a normal penis and is halfway through is oral antibiotics

bullrdrscwgrl |

re: Q: Circumcision care?

Yeah infections aren't totally uncommon. What's worse is that complications (which you, as a parent, can't control) are much higher. Your baby has a better chance of having a penile complication than his foreskinned peers.

scolaccij |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

That's just one more reason why you should not have it done. Circumcision is purely cosmetic which is why no National Medical Organization recommends circumcision and why fewer insurance companies are willing to paying for it.

mwcne |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

I wouldn't say that it is "purely cosmetic." It is also done for religious and cleanliness purposes. :)

ReiszsPieces |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

If circumcising your son, I highly recommend having a certified mohel (like a Rabbi) perform the circumcision rather than have the hospital do it. Having a Rabbi do it takes about 15 seconds, he doesn't strap your son down (rather instead just has dad or mom hold his legs), and as soon as its over the Rabbi lets you nurse the baby for comfort. My son had this done and I was so surprised how great it went. As soon as the Rabbi finished, he picked him up, gave him a pat on the back and my son was done crying. I expected to be traumatized, but I was pleasantly surprised how well my baby and myself took it.

SammyLee1229 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

>>"Yeah infections aren't totally uncommon. What's worse is that complications (which you, as a parent, can't control) are much higher. Your baby has a better chance of having a penile complication than his foreskinned peers." Well...Not exactly. Numerous studies have found that circumcised men are at a lower risk for many STDs, as well as being at absolutely zero risk for phimosis (pain and difficulty in retraction of foreskin, since there isn't one anymore!). Do your own research on it, but don't rely on internet message boards! Look for reputable sources by checking out the NIH and your local library. I read (and suggest) a great book on circumcision: Ed Schoen, MD on Circumcision: Timely Information For Parents And Professionals From America's #1 Expert On Circumcision check these out too

kittykicks27 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

My 9 year old had it, and this baby (due in a few weeks) will have it too. I find that the benefits outweigh the risks, and frankly I want the boys to match each other and their father. I would be disturbed if I didn't look the same as my older brother and/or Dad... that is just my opinion though. Caring for my son's circumcision was fairly uncomplicated as long as you keep it lubricated (they gave us Vaseline) so that the site doesn't stick to his diaper and you keep it clean it is not that intimidating or difficult. Good Luck with whatever you choose!

LuciRose |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

the only reason now its done is religious having foreskin wont make him any cleaner, it is better to not do it there is no more risk of cancer or bladder infection its now a personal choice but me personal my husband is circumcised we are christian but our sons wont be as i don't believe in genital mutilation, and its completely unnecessary thing to do nowadays. 50 years ago i would say different.

whosyournanny |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

hey scolaccij don't freak these women out. its a decision every mother has to make herself. personally i'm doing it for my son so girls won't laugh at him.

lilorangeturtle |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

We had it done because my family has a lot of issues with UTI's and in my husbands family all the women who married men who hadn't been circumcised got horrible recurrent infections. So for our family it made sense to have him circumcised. One thing though don't freak out and rush to the ER if it bleeds after you take the gauze off, apply pressure for about five minutes then go in if it doesn't stop. You'll save some money and some embaresment.

clark08 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

I didn't realize that boys go around comparing their penises to that of their fathers, or hanging it out for girls to look at. If that's why you're doing it, shame on you. I dare you to sit through a circ JUST ONCE and see if you could do that to your own child. The last time I even *heard* the screams of a baby being circumcised I almost puked.

sessionswedding |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

My son was my 2nd child but my 1st was a girl, so I went into this kind of care knowing very little how to do it. My son was circumcised by the dr that was supposed to deliver,but was not on-call that day, and she did not explain to me anything that I needed to know in the coming weeks. I was under the assumption they still did it with the ring clasp procedure as had been done with my brother and because the nurse that brought him back that day said it slipped off during a diaper change that she gave him. Only to find out that they did not do it that way 3 weeks later when I took him back to the dr because the skin from the shaft had grown onto the head and it was actually pulling the penis back into his belly. I had to take him to a specialist to see what could be done and they told me that it should "pull itself apart once he grows into it" and "if he doesn't then they will redo it after a year of age." So please ask ur care provider EXACTLY how to take care of it so that this doesn't happen to your baby boy. It hurts my heart for him everyday knowing that if someone had just given me the right information my son would have a had the correct actions taken to prevent this.

alycat1983 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Oh good lord, don't let these crazy women scare you. My Jewish son was just circumcised by a mohel. He cried MUCH harder when he was stripped down (and got cold) than during the 15 secs it took to circumcise him. No, it's not pleasant, and Mom, you'll probably want to leave the room, but it's just not as bad as a lot of these women (who apparently want to be able to control what everyone else does) are making out. It's NOT just for cosmetic reasons. There are many benefits, including lower risk of STDs. Also, as an adult, I would say I MUCH prefer circumcised men, not because of the look of them, but for hygienic purposes. Get it done by a mohel even if you aren't Jewish. Find a good one in your area. Mine is also a cardiologist at Duke, so, yeah, he knows what he's doing in all medical aspects. Mohels use a better clamp than the hospitals use and it's much safer and less painful. My son healed so fast. In fact, his Bris was this past Sunday and he's already all healed! I'm still putting petroleum jelly on him but really, you wouldn't have any idea he just had this done if you didn't already know.

firstpancake |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Funny that one commenter said that she was going to circumcise her son because she was afraid girls would laugh at him...actually, it is far less common to circumcise boys in the rest of the world (unless, of course, they're Jewish) than it is in the United States. I'm from Canada, and none of the boys in my family are circumcised. My husband is American (and circumcised), and he is the exception rather than the rule now that he lives in Canada. Our baby has been stubborn at ultrasounds so we have no idea if it's a boy or not, but if it is, we've decided not to circumcise. I can't stand the idea of hurting our son like that, plus it's not covered by provincial health because it's a non-essential procedure. There is NO proof that circumcised boys are cleaner or less prone to just need to teach your son to clean himself properly!

nicoandjenya |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

In the last ten years or so, I have realized how hot this topic is. First of all, every parent needs to make this decision on their own. It is not something you can "undo" once it is done. My husband was a twin and born very small and sick. The Doctors would not circ him because he was struggling to survive. He never had it done. I was intrigued by it when we were first dating, but a little aprehensive. We have a five year old little girl and are expecting again. My husband wants to circ if it's a boy. He has always been comfortable with his body, but he does not want his son to ever feel rejected. I have mixed feelings about it. I don't want to hurt my child just because it is a social norm. I guess if we have another girl, we will not have to make this decision.

green1285 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Wow, I just want to say that I am shocked at some of the mean comments that are put on here towards other people. Everyone has their own opinion, and has made their own decision for whatever reason. I would like to be able to come on here and read responses related to the procedure, not hurtful things against people for making those decisions or having opinions.

fairysign |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

I agree with fairysign, do it or don't do it, but be respectful about posting towards other people's comments...we're expecting our first baby, a boy, & my husband is Jewish (i'm not). We both want to do the circumcision, but in the jewish faith, its done when the baby is 8 days old apparently. My only cocern is I would think it would be easier for the baby to get it done and over w/ asap. It does make me feel better that there are a few people have commented on it w/ a rabbi doing the procedure. I actually feel a little more comfortable now about having it done.

ravingpenguino |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

I find it funny that the original question was simply on circumcision care and people went on attacking others for choosing or not choosing circumcision. Can we please keep on topic and talk about How to take care of it once it's done. Obviously you wouldn't need to know about this if you decide not to circumcise.

Wakeman23 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

>wakeman23, i was just about to say something along the same lines. its like they saw an article about circumcision care and said to themselves "hey, theres sure to be alot of people who want circumcisions for their sons, lets go troll them!" at least the question got answered though. lubricant is important from what i've read, just make sure you keep it clean and everything should be good. interesting about the mohel, i might look into that.

akiria |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

I'm expecting a baby boy in October, the first child for both my boyfriend and I. I am planning on circumcision, but I had no idea that you could have a rabbi do it even if you're not Jewish. This is something new that we will definitely be thinking about in the coming months : ) so THANK YOU for all of the HELPFUL, not hurtful comments guys!

KelsiK1 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

I know from working in the medical field that men ,esp older men have troubles keeping their non circumcised genitals clean. Some become so infected that they need to be circumcised and it is VERY painful at their age . I strongly believe the benefits outway the risks . Read up on epidurals linked to autism. Thinking of getting an epidural and I'd your putting your newborn at a much more higher risk then circumcision!

Hehrichs |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

My boyfriend is circumcised and it never crossed my mind to not do the same for our son. A friend brought it up at a dinner party and she is very passionate about not doing so for her sons, if she has them in the future. Her boyfriend, like mine is very adamant about circumcising son/s. In my family we have both, but it's not heavily talked about (doing it or not). I have considered the alternative, but for many many reasons if this baby is a boy he will be circumcised. This article was helpful, and although the comments werent anything new, I believe all opinions are welcome. On this particular board, I must agree with the other women, they are completely out of place. This is a board for mothers and families such as myself, who have most likely already made the decision for our sons.

Oats17 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Anyone know of any mohels in NW Oklahoma? The only ones I've been able to find in the whole state are in OKC and that quite a drive for us.

essijocna |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

my son just turned 6 months old yesterday and is circumcised. i took him in to the health center to get his checkup and discovered that i hadnt been pullling down the skin far enough and that it started to reattach onto the head of his penis. the dr made a quick downward motion over it and pulled it down. (horriable experience. he screamed bloody murder and we didn't have much warning) and said to make sure you pull it all the way down to the red ring (the base of the head) and to wash it thoughly in the bath once a week. apparently sweat and the dead skin cells cause a glue like substance around it and it cann grow back. please make sure you wash down there and pull it all the way down. i had NO IDEA i was doing it incorrectly. i honestly thought that it was pulled down and i was always cleaning it thoughly. (he got a bath more often then me sometimes) and i feel horriable that i didn't get better informed. it started off really read and blood like but has healed tremndously in the past few days and only squirms a little when being wiped off. the key in unsented diaper wipes. they dont burn them.

blumelloyello |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Good lord ladies!!! She asked about circumcision care...she did NOT ask to be judged by everyone who is against circumcision. This is such a HUGE problem in our society of moms lately. We are all so eager to judge the decisions of other moms and I can't figure out why. Please....remember when posting on these message boards that there is a woman on the other end who may be feeling lost, confused and hormonal.

taramarie17 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Blumelloyello I just had my son's 6 month appt today too and the SAME thing happened to him! I came on here to see if it has happened to anyone else, so I'm glad you posted! It was such a traumatizing experience... I honestly am not trying to scare the new mothers, but I wish someone would've warned me! Please make sure you pull the skin back far enough to clean it!! Even though they cut the foreskin off you still have to pull the skin that is left back to clean. And don't stop after a few weeks! Our dr. said at least after every bath and mine is 6 months already. After going through this today, it is a little more care than some make it out to be. Just be thorough and you'll be fine!

jess_bbh |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

We are having a boy and I was nervous about caring for the circumcision area. Thanks for the tips! I guess it also doesn't hurt that DH is a pediatric nurse. I suppose he would have told me how to do things anyway!

phantomlogic |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

It's a personal decision i think. My son got Circumcised. Just make sure until it's healed keep it lubed up. After it's healed make sure that you pull the skin down and clean all around it. Don't want the little guy to be in pain if it grows back and has to get detached. But don't freak the poor woman out. If you dont agree with it well thats fine then but keep in mind that it is easier to clean aspecially when you have a fussy baby that moves around alot. And when they get clipped it's less of a chance of bladder infections among other problems. God bless all of you

Lynnybell |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

It is absolutely untrue that uncircumsized men do not have more trouble with infections. Please do actual research before making stupid comments. As an RN I see men all of the time that are having circumcisions performed as adults. Because they have INFECTIONS. I have also witnessed 2 circumcisions and the babies cry no more than when getting their heels pricked. Please people do RESEARCH!

EricaLMorrison |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

There is no reason to circumcise your son. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that there are NO health benefits to circumcision. They also describe the pain of circumcision as "severe and persistent". There are many negative physical/sexual and psychological effects from the trauma of circumcision. Boys who are circumcised are more sensitive to pain throughout their lives than girls and intact boys. Studies show that men who were circumcised in infancy are more aggressive and have more trouble communicating and expressing themselves. Circumcision is not at all "cleaner", that's a myth. In fact, circumcision removes the protective membrane and puts the sexual organ at greater risk of contracting disease. The foreskin is a functioning tissue that protects the penis from bacteria, abrasion, and infection. It is as important as the eyelids are to the eyes. The actual rate of STDs and AIDS in circumcised males is actually 4 times HIGHER than in intact males. Over 85% of males in the world are uncircumcised. The United States is the only developed country that still circumcises babies, but that's quickly changing as parents are learning that it's completely unnecessary and damaging. Since 2009, less than 30% of baby boys in the United States have been circumcised. Some very informative sources to check out are: ,

JillianaRN |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

I mean, it's safer to watch wow nude :)) Why have circumcision when there is no actual positive outcome? Maybe parents should listen to doctors more often.

KingCryBaby |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Our doctor told us with our first (now this has been 10 years) that studies had shown, when adult males were circumcised during infancy they were shown to have higher sensitivity during intercourse than those who were not circumcised. This being because the "head" is being stimulated, or "touched" constantly by the foreskin, making the skin on that area "tougher". This was enough for my husband and I to circumcise, knowing that one day our child may actually want to have sex. Also, I have 3 brothers, the oldest which is not and the other two are. The oldest suggested that we circumcise, "from experience", he said. We're comfortable with our decision, but I truly believe that parents should not look to media for advice. This is a very intimate matter that ahould be discussed with those close to you and doctors that you truly trust. :)

NicksLilWifey |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

i thought the name of this Q&A was circumcision care, NOT whether or not to do it. we all have our own opinions and if you want to get your son circumsized, do it. if not, dont do it. its totally up to the parent. i thought i was going to get on here and find out the best way to take care of a circumcision, but its all bickering about doing it or not. worry about your own and stop bad mouthing.

AliD22 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

my husband is Jewish so we are planning to have a bris if its a boy, I was a little nervous but this eased my mind especially the comments about what an exceptional job mohels do. But I will say I have worked in child care for many years and if you choose not to circumcise your son give his care giver the 411 on how to care for him down there. The first little boy a cared for that was uncircumcised had a retraction problem one day which caught me off guard he was in pain, and had to call me mom to figure out what to do. I felt terrible (sorry that really wasn't related at all)

grace1404 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

it should be done! Could pose comfort issues when older around peers or females. Also more cleanly!

erenwilliams |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Circumcision is not only carried out for religious or cultural reasons, "Hypospadias" for example is a medical condition which may also require medical intervention resulting in circumcision. For whatever reason you may be faced with these circumstances, penile hygiene is very important in the first five days after the procedure. As low as the complications are; proper post surgery care will lower the risks even more. A very important element to this is to wash your hands thoroughly both pre and post dressing of the circumcised penis. Our hands are known to be a haven for all kinds of bacteria. For infant Circumcision Care there is some comfort relief using the Bobbi Baby Shield for the first five days post surgery. It allows for the baby to be ‘burped’ or winded either over the shoulder or on the lap, without causing discomfort and physical pressure to his circumcised penis.

ElectoMagnetic |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

As a nursing student, I assisted on 6 circumcisions (my maternity preceptor did NOT like me and instead of seeing even one single birth, I was put on circ duty!) I have to say, the only part the babys didn't like was being strapped down in an unnatural spread-eagle position. They did not even seem to notice when the doctor actually performed the procedure. It was not at all traumatic. I would stand at the head of the table to comfort the infant, sometimes providing a pacifier dipped in Sweet-Eeze (sugar water) if the parents requested. I personally don't like that idea, but, hey, if the parents wanted it who am I to say no? A couple of times, the mother or father would be there and we did have a Rabbi who came to the hospital to perform one circumcision. I assisted on that one and it was definitely a different experience! Most of the doctors would use a small device that served as a guide and held the tip of the penis in place. The Rabbi just used a scapel free-handed. Every male child who was born at that hospital had a circumcision (I know, I saw them all!). I would then follow-up with the parents and show them proper circ care. The fathers usually did not want to be present for that and would let the moms handle that aspect of care.

laurenmdrn16 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

If you do go the route of circumcision, ask how to take care of it. My husband and I were not informed well enough. We were told to put Vaseline on the diaper to prevent it from sticking to the circ. We were not informed how long to do that (so we did it for about 3 weeks), or that we needed to pull down the shaft to prevent it from sticking to himself/getting pulled in. We found that out at his 1 month appt when the Dr checked his circ and saw that he was in. Needless to say it "stuck" and was bleeding for a little while after the Dr pulled it out and cleaned it. She told us to put vaseline on it every change until there's no redness.

mdwstangel |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

My husband was uncircumcised as a baby but when he was 18 his forskin would not retract and caused and infection and was very painful. He had to have a circumcision at the age of 18 so he does not want our son to go through the same this and we are going to circumcise.

MercyL9802 |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

I'm sorry but isn't this board supposed to be about circumcision care? It's not a discussion on whether or not to circumcise your a Mom reading this page, I've already made that decision. Please keep the comments relevant to caring for circumcision.

ladytap |

Q&A: Circumcision care?

Hi, everyone! My hubby and I have decided to have our soon to be adoptive son circumcised, and WE WON'T BE PRESUADED OUTHERWISE. I was concerned about the after care (hints me checking out this blog/forum). My hubby is not circumcised, and our son will be our first and only boy (adoptions are really expensive). We don't know how to care for a penis that has been circumcised. I have had MRSA 3 times in the past and I'm worried about passing it onto our son when trying to care for a healing wound. Should I use gloves during the cleaning process? Can I pass it onto him if I don't have an active infection? I know regardless if you have an infection it still lives on/in your skin and that's what I'm concerned with. If I could get some answers for these question W/O a lecture on our choice I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL!!

baylismommy08 |