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Rules for a Babysitter?

We’re hiring a new nanny and want to lay some ground rules. What should we do?


We’re hiring a new nanny and want to lay some ground rules. What should we do?

The Bump Expert

When hiring a sitter, spell out your expectations from the get-go. “Never leave it up to the sitter to assume that you need certain things handled a certain way,” says Adrienne Kallweit, founder of SeekingSitters, a national babysitting referral company. That means laying out some ground rules right from the start. These might include basics on what to feed baby, nap schedules and guidelines for other daily tasks.

But that also means spelling out terms for your sitter herself. Some good rules to start out with: Show up on time, no texting or using cell phones for personal calls, no visitors and always engage with the kid by doing age-appropriate activities together.

Things not working out as planned? Talk to your sitter if there’s an issue. Most of the time you just need to clarify your expectations. “Speak calmly and include solutions for any problem,” says Kallweit.

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The Bump Editors

Rules for a Babysitter?

If you are anything like me you are completely torn between a luxurious date night with your husband and the peace in your heart that comes from having your baby close by. Deciding to hire a babysitter for the first time can be quite a scary process. But it’s something you have to do at some point – for both you and your little one. Lucky for us, my mother in law lives nearby, so we were able to leave Mazen in her loving arms for short periods of time when he was a tiny baby. Now that he’s a big boy toddler, we’re a lot more comfortable hiring babysitters to come and play with Mazen while we get a little taste of our adult lives back. In addition to my own experience, I asked some of my girlfriends to share their tips for hiring a sitter, and this is our list: -Our best recommendation for finding a babysitter is networking. Family friends, sitters of friends, social groups, neighbors and the like. But if you can’t seem to find anyone someone already knows, check out A friend of mine has found a few of her best sitters through the site. -When you interview your sitter, trust your gut. If anything about her (or him) bothers you, keep looking. Leaving your child is hard enough, so you want to be 100% comfortable with the person you choose. One friend added that doing a simple Google search of their name or checking out social media accounts can speak volumes about a person’s character.

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