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Q&A: Baby's two month checkup?

What can I expect at baby’s two-month checkup?

Re: What can I expect at baby’s two-month checkup?

The Bump Expert

All babies develop at their own rate. That’s why it’s important to make sure you stick to a checkup schedule. At baby’s two-month checkup, the doctor will track his development and growth in all areas. His head will be measured to make sure the brain is growing. He’ll be weighed to make sure he’s getting enough nutrients. His vision and hearing will also be examined. The doctor will also check for common baby problems, such as baby acne and diaper rash, and should ask you about baby’s sleep patterns, crying frequency, and bowel movements.

Trying to keep track of everything can make you crazy, so use what tools you can to help. Try to keep a diary each day about baby’s habits and log any questions you have about his behavior.

The biggest thing that will happen during this visit is baby’s first big round of vaccinations (prepare yourself, this is usually harder on the mommy and daddy than it is on baby). Make sure the doctor has a list of all vaccines your baby has had and makes it clear to you what your baby will need throughout childhood. If you want to work out a modified immunization schedule, talk to your doctor to see what your options are. And don’t be shy about asking any questions! (You’ve had enough sleepless nights, may as well get some concerns off your chest.)

Bump Dara

re: Q: Two month checkup?

what does it mean if your babies head has not grown since birth?

splat |

Q&A: Baby's two month checkup?

If your baby is making all thier milestones try not to worry. If they are not make sure you talk to your doctor. I have the opposite problem and my daughters head is too large. She suffered a brain bleed at birth and has to have her head circumference measured daily and recorded weekly. I know it is a fairly important measurement and can mean a lot in cases like my daughter but mean nothing in other cases.Most often genetics plays a big role in head size! Just track it and monitor their milestones.

AshleyHirsch |

Q&A: Baby's two month checkup?

Make sure the doctor has a list of all vaccines your baby has had and makes it clear to you what your baby will need throughout childhood. Get apps about baby and care for Android in APK version on the APKLate site.

jesmarrie |

Q&A: Baby's two month checkup?

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