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What Happens at Baby’s Six-Month Checkup?

Baby’s six-month checkup is coming up. What questions, procedures and immunizations should I expect?


Baby’s six-month checkup is coming up. What questions, procedures and immunizations should I expect?

The Bump Expert

Baby is approaching lots of new milestones if he hasn’t already -- teething, solid food and crawling -- so you’ll talk about those at the mid-year check-in, says Preeti Parikh, MD. Here’s the rest:

Questions the doctor will ask

• How are things going? Are there any concerns? Is there anything new going on?

• Has baby started teething? (This can start as early as four months.)

• Can he roll over and sit up?

• Has he started to crawl?

• Can he make identifiable consonant sounds?

Procedures the doctor will do

Weight check. The doctor or nurse will measure and weigh baby and plot weight, height, and head circumference on a growth chart that indicates the average height and weight for boys and girls. The idea is to check that baby stays within the same percentile range from checkup to checkup.

Physical. The doctor will check baby’s reflexes, joints, eyes, ears, mouth heart, lungs, genitals and reflexes. She’ll also take a look at shape of baby’s head and look at his soft spots (fontanels) to make sure they’re developing properly.

Vaccines baby may get

These come at the end, and are the same shots baby had at the two- and four-month checkups. Depending on the practice, some of the vaccines are given in combo shots.

• Pneumococcal (PCV)
• DTaP
• Hib
• Polio vaccines
• Rotavirus vaccine (If baby has been receiving the Rotarix version, he won’t receive a third round of the RV vaccine. But if he’s been receiving the RotaTeq version, he will get this third dose. It all depends on what pharmaceutical company your doctor works with.)
• Hepatitis B

Recommendations the doctor will make

• It’s time to start introducing solids if you haven’t already. Start with one pureed food a day. Baby cereal, fruits or vegetables could be first foods. If you do try something new, do it early in the day so you can watch for a reaction throughout the day.

• Introduce water in a sippy cup. Water is important to help with digestion and to provide fluoride.

• Start brushing baby’s teeth if you haven’t already.

• Continue with vitamin D supplements if baby is on breast milk only.

• Talk, read and sing to baby to engage baby and aid in development.

Baby-proof the house, since baby will start crawling between six and nine months.

• Depending on the season, baby is now eligible for a flu shot. Ask the doctor what the right time for one is.

Expert: Preeti Parikh, MD, is a pediatrician in New York City and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Anisa Arsenault

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

my daughter been trowing up since she started i changed so many formulas and nothing works. my doctor dont tell me nothing

proud parent |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

Does she have acid reflux? My baby was a puker from day one...he would take forever to eat (it was like it was painful), puke for an hour, sleep for 30 mins and we'd start all over again...after about a 3 months, several thousand dollars and 6 tests (upper GI, ultrasounds), I took him to a chiropractor. He was adjusted and completely fine the next day. We go in for a readjustment every month or so. He is like a new kid. We also switched him to goat's milk, which is the only thing he can keep down. My doctor said this is COMPLETELY fine and has the same nutrients as formula. We still add the vitamins, for the extra vitamin D. We also started adding a little rice cereal to his bottle, on the recommendation of our doc. Good Luck!

I'm a Moo-my |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

Proud parent try nutramigen. Our daughter was throwing up all the time and we switched her to nutramigen it is expensive but I would not keep her on it for a long time just use and try to switch back after a month or two. Also, she probably has reflux which they prescribed children's zantac there is another name for it ranitidine or something like that that we used and it also helped. Hope this helps but it will get better with time.

shelbe777 |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My baby girl did the same thing when she was first born. I called the Dr for 2 weeks trying to get something done, they finally set up and ultrasound... Come to find out she had a blockage - something called Pyloric Stenosis. PS is when the stomach doesn't drain its contents into the small intestine. Needless to say we wound up in the hospital having surgery at 6 weeks! She is now 6 months and doing great!!

ArekWorcester |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

I have an 18 year old daughter and a 6 month old son..... my daughter back in 1992-93 threw up so much it seemed like all I was doing was laundry! I switched to using PLAYTEX NURSERS!!!! AND IT STOPPED!!! it was not as expensive as it is now but it was soooo worth doing! Now with my son, I didn't even think about which bottle to use if he did not want to breast feed. PLAYTEX DROP INS is what they have now, they cost a lot more but now CVS has their own version of the 8oz bags that are about 3-4 dollars cheaper than playtex! IF your doctor is not helping you and formula changes are not helping either. Go with a "GENTLE" formula and the PLAYTEX nursers! ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU BURP YOUR CHILD AFTER FEEDINGS OR MIDWAY THROUGH THEM! or you are just adding fuel to the fire. GOOD LUCK!


Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

When my 12 year old was an infant, all she did was spit up/puke. When she was about a month old the doctor figured out it was that the flap at the base of her esophagus, leading to her stomach, was not completely developed. They had me start putting cereal in her bottles & that helped keep the formula down a lot better then with out (unfortunately I wasn't able to breastfeed, just couldn't get her to latch properly. Now she's in braces & apparently has never been able to chew properly b/c her mouth was so out of alignment). Now I have a 6 month old. She also was puking a lot, but in a different way. She actually was projectile puking & seemed to be in extreme pain every night (her tears came in at one month old). At a month old her doctor determined it was Acid Reflux, prescribed her children's zantac & I've had to modify my diet to accommodate flair ups (acid base foods, tomato sauce especially, causes her to have episodes), as I am able to breastfeed with her. Doctor said they tend to outgrow reflux by 12 months. We ran out of her Rx this past weekend & her 6 mo check-up is today. I'm not going to ask for a refill because she is doing great!! NO issues with the reflux so far & she hasn't had her Rx in 5 days!!

a_renep |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My 6 month old son was a puker too and we swithced him to the dr. Browns bottles so the bubbles dont build up in the formula and he is on the ready to feed similac in the green and orange bottle that is made for spit up.... He has no problems anymore... I also watch my 5 month old nephew who would scream in a high pitch like someone stabbed him and get a huge bubble underneath his formula which pushed it all out exorcist style when he burped.... He is on the dr. Browns bottles now too and the orange powder similac for gas and has been 100% better....

montanaAFpirate |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My son had reflux too he was on literally every formula they make in search of one to help, I finally noticed a difference once on Enfamil premium infant. Also the doctor recommended feeding him with his body almost in the sitting position to help the formula make its way down. But everything got 100%better once I tried the cereal in his bottle (which he lovess!) no more puke yay!!!

angiepanzie |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My now 6th month old daughter is also very pukey! We have her on added rice formula (parent's choice but they have it in Enfamil too). It has done a great job for her. We also put extra rice cereal in her bottles. We use the NUK air flow bottles and she really likes them. I like them because they have the pacifiers that use the same nipple. We tried 6 different formulas but the added rice has been the best.

elliotte1210 |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

I switched my son to Dr. Brown's bottles and even though he is mostly breastfed, I do supplement. We switched to Goat Milk instead and he does great. I use Meyenberg Goat Milk Powder, really great for reflux babies.

pastry85 |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My friend's baby also spit up a lot and they tried different formulas but the Dr. Brown's bottles did it for her. Her daughter not only spits up less, but is a much happier baby all around from less gas and such.

JMH3084 |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My son is six months old as of 3/9 and he was a huge puker but was still gaining weight. I demanded my dr do something because he would cry and looked as if he was in pain. We had the playtex nursers and the dr browns bottles and it did not matter. He still would throw up half his bottle. We went through 6 outfits and about 10 bibs a day. Well then our dr suggested putting rice cereal in Evan's bottle and this actually worked. It made his milk thicker. I couldn't believe how mych of a difference it made. He still spits up a tiny bit but we actually use burp clothes now instead of recieving blankets.

skauffman1 |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My little one was fussy at first with formula...I switched her to Enfamil Gentlease and it seemed to really help, along with using Dr. Browns bottles to avoid as much air getting into the bottle. Keep them sitting up for about 30 minutes too after eating, and don't bounce them around too much. This may help keep it down a little longer. she is 5 months old now, i still use the Gentlease with no problems (and they can use that formula the entire time so there is no need to switch) and i switched over to Advent bottles (originllly tried advent but she couldn't keep up with how much was coming out, even with a slow flow nipple). I switched her formaul probably 3 times within her first 6 weeks..but my doctor said NOT to do that because it messes with their digestive system. good luck!

sage13dc |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My soon to be 6 month old spit up and fussed alot. we tried Similac (the orange one) and it was the worst, we switched to Gerber good start gentle and Dr. Browns and it got better but she was still fussy. So we switched to Gerber Good Start Soothe (for crying colicy babies etc) and it was amazing. it was a huge difference in 1 day. she still spits up some which is a little acid reflux but they say she will grow out of it and im not a big fan of putting her on doesnt hurt her she doesnt seem to even notice it happening.

msbeham |

Q&A: Baby's six month checkup?

My 6 month old had such a hard time with gas and going potty. She would cry ALL the time after breast milk or formula. We tried a bunch of meds but nothing was working! She has been on nutramigen formula for a month now. She is a happy baby now, no tummy pain! This formula is awesome!!!

kelliscleaning |