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Q&A: Starting solid foods?

When should I start feeding my baby solid foods?

Re: When should I start feeding my baby solid foods?

The Bump Expert

You'll hear all sorts of different opinions on this one. The World Health Organization's expert panel has reviewed all sorts of research and concluded that both mothers and babies are healthier when solids are delayed until six months. Some say it's okay to start introducing solid foods after four months, and still others suggest that baby will let you know when she's ready. (Most of these same experts agree that three months is too early and that most babies begin needing the extra nutrition after six months or so.)

If you're wondering if your baby's ready, ask yourself: Has baby stopped pushing everything out of her mouth with her tongue? Does she have good control of her head? Can she sit up with support? Is she super-interested in the food you’re eating and maybe even trying to grab it from your plate? If all of these are true, then baby may be jonesing for a bite of something yummy (you know, like a glob of squished bananas). Talk to your pediatrician about giving solids a go. (She'll want to give her input and possibly offer you a few guidelines.)

Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA