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Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

Is there anything I should avoid eating or drinking while I'm breastfeeding?

Re: Is there anything I should avoid eating or drinking while I'm breastfeeding?

The Bump Expert

Fortunately, you don't need to change your diet too much while breastfeeding -- All the vitamins you take in will naturally go to your breast milk first. This means it's nearly impossible to deprive baby of what she needs. However, there are a few things that you should cut down on while baby's nursing.

You don't need to completely cut out fish, but the FDA recommends that nursing women (as well as those trying to conceive or pregnant) should limit fish intake because of its mercury content. Can't do without a good tuna sandwich now and then? Just remember that the FDA advises no more than six ounces of canned albacore ("white" tuna) a week.

Opinions on this one are mixed -- the American Academy of Pediatrics says alcohol in moderation (one or two drinks a week) is fine, while the March of Dimes recommends against drinking any alcohol while breastfeeding. Either way, you definitely need to keep an eye on your intake. Alcohol may make it harder for your body to product breast milk, and trace amounts can show up in your milk and may harm or bother baby. If you do have the occasional drink, wait at least two hours afterwards before nursing baby.

Your morning cup of coffee is fine, but don't go overboard. Too much caffeine can lead to a fussy baby who doesn't want to sleep. (Meaning you'll need more caffeine to stay up with her... meaning she'll be even less into sleep... meaning you'll need more... you see where this is going, no?) Remember, caffeine can be found in soda and tea as well as some of those over-the-counter medications you may be taking for common ailments. Just to be safe, always read the label.

Though your diet doesn't need to be completely bland, you might need to forfeit some flavor... especially if you're a lover of foods with a kick. Too much spice can make baby gassy and uncomfortable, so play it safe and avoid foods strongly seasons with spices like garlic or chili powder. Of course, every baby is different, so if yours doesn't seem bothered by spice, it's fine to indulge now and then.

Vitamin C
We wouldn't normally knock a vitamin, but this one has actually been linked to mild diaper rash in babies. Watch vitamin C rich foods, especially fruits like oranges and grapefruits. You don't need to completely avoid the vitamin, but be especially careful if you notice that baby seems to react after you eat citrus.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Unsafe food for nursing?

My pediatrition actually recommended that I have a beer every now and again as there is thought that it can actually help produce breastmilk and beer has a lot of good things in it. I usually go for O'Doul's but will sometimes have a Guiness and I have seen a difference (in a good way) for my milk production. As for the vitamin C issue it is VERY true and remember that strawberries are in that group too! I was eating tons of them and guzzling o.j. and wondering why my baby was so fussy until her doctor told me to avoid these!! Now I know!

Nora's mom |

re: Q: Unsafe food for nursing?

Be careful with tomatoes too. My baby gets really sick anytime I have anything w/ tomato. I was worried so I called his doctor and he mentioned that the acidic nature of tomatoes can make babies gassy and fussy.

KetchumCutie |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

My pediatrican recommended I cut out all dairy products and then slowly add them back in because my baby is extremely gassy and fussy. I also read that chocolate can cause gas in babies.

KellyG10 |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

Ice cream and watermellon (not together!) made my daughter very gassy. Also, my pediatrician advised me not to eat peanut butter or peanut products.

yadroc5831 |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

Avoid okra! This is a big No No when breastfeeding! My first baby wasn't fussy at all so I knew when I ate a large helping of okra & rice this made him gassy & fussy!

ms.manda09 |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

Other than the obvious things recommended by the expert, you really just have to watch your baby to determine if there is something in your diet that the baby isn't tolerating well. It helped me to keep a food diary. It helped my realize that my son couldn't handle peppers of any sort, even bell peppers. Also, www.kellymom.com is a great BFing resource.

p10babydoll |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

Eat anything you want. UNLESS... Your baby does not like it. Mine absolutely refuses my milk if I eat too much chocolate. What a heart breaker I love chocolate. Also the latest reports say that introducing babies to a variety of tastes (through breast milk and foods at the appropriate stages) helps to avoid raising a picky eater. Only in America do we feed babies bland flavorless foods. Around the world babies are given culturally appropriate foods with spices like curry and peppers but be sure to avoid foods with salt as this can give your baby a "Salt Tooth."

shannonwinter21 |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

When I was breastfeeding the doctor told me that anything that made me gassy probably made my baby gassy. Mylican Infants Gas Drops worked great and you can use them anytime and after each feeding.

bellyshelly |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

My Dr. told me brocolli..

desireejoy |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

Call the Texas Pregnancy Riskline. They can answer all sorts of breastfeeding questions even if you have to be on medications! They are an awesome resource for new moms and FREEE!!! 800-733-4727 I keep it in my phone.

amlw |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

I think every nursing mom wants what's best for their child, so it's only natural to take care of oneself. I'm lucky for having an older sister who took her masters in nursing and she gives me only the best health tips. I also read wellness blogs, and I'm a vegetarian.

kci15 |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

I think every baby is different. I will need to keep a food diary because I haven't noticed a pattern in my baby yet.

dino24saur |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

I didn't know dairy products can be harmful to the baby, they are breastfed so it shouldn't be a problem, in my opinion. It's really a shame a baby gets gassy if you eat them, because I had just discovered the frozen yogurt business and I was really pleased with it.

LindsaySkye |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

LindsaySkye, I have a frozen yogurt machine because I was craving for it every day and I don't see anything different about my baby. I think it's better you asked your doctor about it, because your child could go along just fine with it. There's no need to let go of all the good things.

CheyanneEdith |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

I think you should try to go to a restaurant because this way you know the food is fresh and it hasn't been too long since it has been cooked.

RaduO1 |

Q&A: Unsafe food for nursing moms?

I am a student at one of the best culinary schools and I can give some advice to the pregnant women. I know that you are not allowed to eat seafood, fast food and sweets. If you crave for some sweets eat fruits or ice cream.

lionking44 |