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Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

“How can I pump extra (in addition to what my baby eats during the day) so that I am able to go to work and be away from my baby for longer than 1 1/2-2 hrs? I haven't found a good system. Should I work on increasing my milk supply?” -- FLBride011307

Re: “How can I pump extra (in addition to what my baby eats during the day) so that I am able to go to work and be away from my baby for longer than 1 1/2-2 hrs? I haven't found a good system. Should I work on increasing my milk supply?” -- FLBride011307

The Bump Expert

The main thing to keep in mind, is that when you are at work, you are pumping the milk that the baby will eat the next day. So on Monday, you are pumping for Tuesday; on Tuesday you are pumping for Wednesday, etc. You should pump at the office at the same times your baby typically eats.

Before you go back to work, you should get accustomed to using your pump. Try pumping after the first feeding in the morning, when your supply is the highest. Put this milk into the freezer and save it for emergencies... spilled milk, traffic jams... or even date nights with your spouse. To further increase this back-up supply, you might try pumping after other feedings as well. Some moms are even able to pump from one side while feeding the baby on the other. But keep in mind that you can never pump as much as your baby can suck out.

Andi Silvermanm, author of Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

What if, after pumping, my baby seems hungry again? Do I have to gove him the pumped milk, or if I put him to breast, will he still have enough to fill him up?

HpyMom2 Be |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

you can pump a hour before and after your baby is hungry. your boobs are never empty.

rebbyrebs |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

What can I do to pump more milk. I can get an ounce, but it's so hard and frustrating just trying to get at least 2 ounces, and my son eats all the time. IS there anything I can do while pumping to help? Also, I've been taking Fenugreek, will that lessen my supply at all? I know it's suppose to help, but I just don't see any increase if possible.

MemphisRose |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

MemphisRose, try drinking Mother's Milk Tea. You can get it at any Vitamin World shop. It contains both Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle which help milk supply. Sometimes increasing the times you pump can help too. Also when you pump, make sure you have a tight vacuum around your breast. The lack of suction can make pumping difficult. Try massaging your breast too. It's really a combination of things that help jumpstart your milk supply.

s_pierre |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

How much should you pump in order to feed your baby at one feeding?since i've been exclusively breast feeding, i don't know how many oz he eats...

celticbride03 |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

I know that my little guy will eat anywhere from 5-6 oz. I also started freezing 2 oz bags so that if he needs more or just a bit to tide him over until I get there, there is no waste.

FtCollinsCutie |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

I pumped 4oz last night right before my baby's feeding. She only ate 3oz though. Is this okay? I thought that she would eat more.

mestroud |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

The more you pump, the more milk your body will make. So at first it might just be an ounce or two, then it will be more. I was pumping an ounce or two at first when I went back to work but worked up to 4-5 ounces on each side per pumping session. Breastfed babies can't be put on a schedule for feedings. If they seem hungry then feed them. It's not like formula feeding, such as 4 oz every 4 hours. A lactation consultant put it to me like this "sometimes your baby feels like a snack, sometimes thanksgiving dinner."

cmorton79 |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

I am having the same problem. I need to start pumping because I am going back to work soon but when I pump right after I feed I do not get that much milk. I am afraid to wait an hour and then pump because when i did do that and an hour later the baby wanted to get she got upset because not as much was coming out for her. I do not know what to do!

Doodle247 |

re: Q: Pumping Extra Milk?

i've been freezing 4oz at a time. since we introduce a bottle about 2 weeks ago this seems to be enough to fill our guy up (i love that milk-drunk look he gets). i've found that morning is the best time to pump extra. he usually eats from one side and i then i can pump 4-5 oz from the other. also, at about 5 weeks he went on a growth spurt. supply catches up to demand so when he slowed down i had extra to pump & save.

danivolk |

re: Q: Pumping extra milk?

I am also experiencing the same problem. Only being able to pump 2oz a sitting. Same times as when he feeds but he normally eats 4 to 6 ozs now at 7wks old. There is no way I feel I can keep up if I don't start producing more.

"hannahgrace" |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

I found that the Mother's Milk tea really helps produce more milk than baby will even eat, and I have to pump just to keep from getting engorged. Also, drinking one can of NON-Alcoholic beer produces a good breast-full too, something about the malt. If you keep the pump on longer you'll get more milk too...like a second burst, or just make sure to squeeze your breast while pumping from all sides to empty all the glands. If you are worried about having enough milk to nurse while trying to pump enough to store to have if your away from baby, pump one side and keep the other ready for baby for after you pump. A few days of pumping one bottle a day will get you an 8-10 hour supply that will last in the fridge. (I found that about 2-3 oz. for a two-month old = a feeding that lasts 2-3 hours till next, 4-5 oz. for a 3-4 month old). Just remember - you have to pump while you are away from your baby the same amount your baby eats while you are away, otherwise your supply will drop - and your boobs will hurt from engorgement Good luck with production!

Britta |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

I have been having trouble feeding from both sides, but I have managed to make do with feeding on one side and pumping the other. The one I am pumping gave me alot of trouble for a while and was very painful and sometimes bled. I never stopped at least pumping it, but it seems to have decreased in supply. I am trying to get it back, but in the meantime I pump it get barely an ounce. Is it ok to refrigerate that ounce and add to it from another pumping session within 24 hours and then freeze. The reason being that I would prefer to have bags stored with at least an ounce and preferably 2 ounces in each.

CheersMSB |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

I have been stressing out about this for a while. Little one is 8 weeks old now and I was pumping once a day for the first six weeks. A family member would give her the pumped milk that night for one of her many nightime feedings so I could get a few hours of sleep. I would try to pump first thing the next morning. I could never pump more than 1-1.5oz from each breast , so that was just barely enough for one feeding. Its impossible to build up a store that way. A couple times I wasn't able to pump early in the morning and had to pump later in the day, and then my DD was ready to eat immediately afterward and I had NOTHING left for her. She was SO mad! Now I'm nursing her through the night, and I rarely have any extra in the morning to pump. If I notice my breasts still seem a little full after a feeding, I will try to pump (if she'll let me put her down without screaming). Even though I have a double pump, I just do one breast at a time so I can use one hand to squeeze and massage my breast the whole time- that usually gets the milk a lot faster. Right now I have about 5 oz in the freezer after weeks of trying to build up a store. I'd like to have a few days worth of milk in there before I go back to work, but its not looking good!

Snaffles |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

FENUGREEK!!! I take 2 pills 3times a day. I pump every 3 hours and get about 10 ounces. I highly believe in fenugreek!!!

itsagirl7 |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

I've also been struggling with this. I have returned to work, and am struggling to pump 3 ounces during a 9-10 hour work day. Before returning to work, my pediatrician and I decided to introduce formula since I had not been able to build up a supply of breastmilk. I am still unhappy with the fact that she's not strictly breast fed, but the formula satisfies her and she takes it well. I'm taking a vitamin that includes Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. I can already see some improvement!

LizW2010 |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

Our son is just over 5 months old now, and eating 6 oz of expressed breastmilk per feeding when I'm at work three days a week as a nurse, and I'm also breastfeeding him exclusively on the days I'm home. The problem we're running into now is that I don't pump enough at work to make the four 6-oz bottles he typically eats in the time I'm at work. I'm about to use up my frozen stockpile, and am not able to freeze any because I have to use it all to make the bottles for workdays. Any suggestions on how I can either increase my production from pumping, or do I just start using a bottle of formula to make up the difference?

ghiggins |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

i plan on bottle feeding breastmilk from the start. how do I know how much to feed him since he's not feeding on a breast and knowing when to stop. also, doing it this way, on average am I going to have to pump in advance of each feeding or will I be able to get a few feedings stored away in advance (esp if DH and I get a date night while my mom is here that first month and i get to have a much deserved glass of wine).

firelight79 |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

firelight79: he will stop eating when he's full, you can't give him too much from a bottle, although I've noticed with my girl (she's 8 weeks now), she'll chug the bottle when she's super hungry. And when she's not, she'll only drink an ounce and leave whatever's left in the bottle. I worried about giving her enough in the beginning, but I found that she will know when she is done.

fyfeliz |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

My daughter is a little over 3 months now and I only breast feed. I have used mother's milk tea and now taking 4-6 fenugreek a day. I feel I have enough to feed baby as she isn't angry (seems satisfied) after feedings but my frozen supply is near gone for daycare and weekend outings. I am a working mom and came to work at 6 weeks. I pump 3 times a day and used to get 12 oz but now lucky to have 8-9. I don't know what to do but I really wanted breast milk only until she started some solids. I guess I will probably have to supplement some formula (better get started testing if she likes it) as I have a weekend trip coming up in a few weeks. It is hard as I have enough to feed, but no backup for when I am not there every 2.5-3 hours to feed and feel that I can't get anymore stored up as the work pumps go to daycare the next day......I keep hearing "your body will make what baby needs" and she is still growing and gaining so I hope it all just works out okay.

mj1115 |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

As stated above, supply & demand. Keep your water intake up. My PCP also reccomended drinking a beer (alcohol or non-alcohol) for the hops. It seems to work. We do 1-2 meals supplementing with formula so others can feed. Also, we had to determine a significant dairy sensitivity. Good luck.

SEM08 |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

My wife could not breastfeed our baby and I had to look for baby formula brands, she was very depressed about this and no matter how many times I tried to convince her it`s not her fault she continued to blame herself. Now our baby is 2 years old and is perfectly healthy, his mother is so proud of him...

lamontnoble |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

I was having problems pumping enough milk for my 3 month old too. I started pumping often like every time I fed her. I would pump one side and feed her on the other. I feed her on demand on weekends and pump every two hours on weekday evenings after work. I leave her four 5 oz bottles full of breat milk a day. I work 830 to 330. I feed her right before I leave for work and feed her as soon as I get home. Pumping often works!!

jasosho |

Q&A: Pumping extra milk?

Have any of you tried herbs? Herbs really help alot! My LC recommended these to me and I've been using a tea called Breastea (the website is the same name) and I went from pumping 1/2 ounce to over 5 ounces. Just make sure to drink it daily.

bigmamaisback |