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Q&A: Prepping to pump?

"Should I start pumping immediately, or wait? I plan to stay at home for five months and then go back to work." -trishie7

Re: "Should I start pumping immediately, or wait? I plan to stay at home for five months and then go back to work." -trishie7

The Bump Expert

You definitely want to get accustomed to using your breast pump before you go back to work -- it can take a few tries to get the hang of it. But, there's no rush.

Focus on developing your breastfeeding relationship with your baby for the first few months. About a month before you go back to work, learn to use your pump and start storing some milk in the freezer. It's usually easiest to pump in the morning when you will typically have a good supply.

Andi Silvermanm, author of Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding

re: Q: Prepping to Pump?

It's a good idea to start pumping when your baby starts the growth spurts. You'll notice that after nursing your baby, maybe at around 6 weeks of age, he/she will not be satisfied and will want more milk. This is a great time to pump like 2 or 3 extra times per day for 3 days straight. This will increase your milk supply. If you have more questions, just ask. I feel like a BF/pumping expert now!

HawaiiBrideGrm |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

Don't wait to pump--try to feed your baby half an ounce or so of breast milk from a bottle every night once you start to try the bottle--usually one month after birth. That will get your baby used to the bottle, but to get that amount you will probably only need to pump every few days.

hutchjess |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

Agreed! Don't wait too long to try a bottle. My baby refused the bottle at 8 weeks and it was a very trying process to teach her to take it. Lots of crying for both of us. Now she is fine with it, but next time I'll incorporate a bottle at 1 month.

entropy79 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I bought a pump within the first week of having the baby. I was SO engorged, I needed the pump to realease the extra milk. I went back to work at 5 weeks thus, needed to get the baby familiar with the bottle. We started giving her a bottle of my expressed milk at 3 weeks. I would say start a baby no earlier than 3 weeks because you don't want to give the baby nipple confusion. Yet, I would say don't wait any longer than 5 weeks because the baby might refuse the bottle. Which would be just as bad. So... somewhere between 3 and 5 weeks. And pay attention to the nipple you are using for your bottles, there are nipples with small holes so, the baby has to suck harder. Start the baby off on these nipples.

jacque1986 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

Okkay ladies so this is kind of off the subject but I really need some advise. I recently went back to work with a 8 week old and I have been breastfeeding so I pump at work. I work for a small buisness with only 3 employees (retail botique) My boss recently had a meeting with me re: my pumping and the time it was taking away from her buisness. They even went as far as to ask me if I could eat my lunch at the same time, while in the bathroom!! I was soooo insulted and I couldnt imagine that this would have been a problem. I pump 2 times while at my 8 hr. shift and it takes me no longer that 15 minutes each time. I also recieve no other breaks during the day with the exception of a 20 minute lunch. When I explained why I was taking extra breaks they said well you do know you only get a 20 min. lunch. I live in California and I have done my research and I know that this is totally against the law. I printed the guidlines for breastfeeding moms and left a copy in their box. Am I dealing with this the right way? I need advise. Would you have been offended by this?? Thanks

RydersFan |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I think you handled it properly. I would have been offended also. BF is such an important part of your child development and bond with you. They should be more sympathetic especially if you are still doing your job.

popurum |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

RydersFan- i have a great copy of a law that was passed in March of this year that requires all employers provide a pumping area OTHER than a bathroom, and unpaid breaks to pump. If you would like a copy, let me know!

melburns3108 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I know this was posted months ago but I would love a copy of that law you mentioned. my email is sandra.fairall78@gmail.com Thanks

smfairall78 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

Just a side note . . . the law requiring employer to provide a place for pumping is only applicable to a company with 50 or more employees. I would hate for someone to quote the law to their employer only to have their employer point out that is isn't applicable since they employ under 50 employees.

ShannonLHaines |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I had a problem getting my son to take the bottle. I think the nipple was just so different that he couldn't figure out how to latch on and ended up just choking on it. A friend recomended some bottles called BreastFlow, they simulate breastfeeding and are more natural for the baby. They work very well, it took a little getting used to for him but we didn't have a crying screaming baby the way we did with a regular bottle and nipple. He has now gotten very good with these bottles and has no problems switching between breat and bottle.

aliciaachurchman |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I would wait for a little while till you have about 3 months to return, then pump as able to build up a supply for when you go back to work. start this far out will give you time to build up your supply and you wont have to pump so much or be worried about running short and you'll have extra if you need to you it. They recommend pumping two extra time a day about an hour after you feed. I would recommend just pumping an hour after your first feeding. since you'll have the time to build up the supply. You can freeze the milk but the recommend only freezing for about 4-6 months depending where it was kept in the freezer.

Annekins |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

The one related thing I would recommend is having a good breast milk storage system. I use the Mother's Milk Mate. You use the same one bottle to pump store and feed. Plus, I LOVE their storage rack! The first bottle I pump and put in is the first one to roll out to feed my daughter - whether I'm doing the feeding or someone else is (dad, sitter, family member). I pump at work into the bottles, they fit most breast pumps, including my Medela Pump n Style, put the bottle(s) in a bag in the fridge and then bring them home in a cooler. The storage rack is so compact and organized and I need all the help I can get to be organized these days! Good luck!

Julie2001 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

What if you HAVE to start pumping right away?? My full term + baby was sent immediately to NICU and can only have IV nutrition right now. I'm pumping every 2-3 hours and hoping my milk will come in without putting baby to breast.

KatieKaboom1 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I started at 3 weeks with the breastflow bottles. did about 1 feeding every 3-4 days. at about 8 weeks she took a real prefrence to the breast over the bottle anyways. I switch to the Wide neck Dr.Browns about 4 weeks before i came back to work and never had an issue since. At this point I also up the bottle feeding to 1 bottle every morning during the week for the 3 weeks before I started back. Now I'm back to work at 12 weeks and Her feedings are as follows: wakes at 5am to feed, 7am feed before we leave for the sitters. 7:30 Pump before I walk out the door. She eats 3 times at the sitters and I pump at 10:30 and 2 at work during the day. Pick her up at 5:30 and she is ready to eat again when we get home. and then 2 more times before bed time. Still at 8 feedings but Im thinking it will go down once she starts cereal.

tbane |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

My baby went straight to NICU after my c-section and didn't get to take any food orally for a week, just IV fluids. I pumped from day one with a hospital issue medela, we were in the hospital for 15 days while he underwent treatment for a heart condition. After a week they allowed me to BF him and after 1 day of trying he took to it beautifully. We also bottle fed him with milk I'd stored to make sure he was getting enough. He'd guzzle the bottles down, too. I pumped loads of milk, constantly, while also BF. He's 3 months today, has doubled his birth weight! Point is, try to do both if you can, no reason to not start early on the bottle. I still put out plentiful milk, I believe it's thanks to pumping. If you can swing it, buy the Medela free style, you can pay for it with a benefits card if you got one through your work. It is hands down the Medela pump of choice amongst my ladies, so compact and awesome sucking power!

Therese Ewing |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

It may hurt like heck in the begining, but keep at it and using the max setting while doing dual breasts is most efficient. pump every now and then also so that you can store/freeze your milk.. There will be plenty of days in which you wish you had a back up supply, so pump at least once a day - you have the most milk in your breasts in the early morning.

khenaa |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I just pump every time I feed her, so I have to buy another freezer at this point (2.5 months)! Be darned if I'm drying up and running out of the stuff though. I know that when I go back to work it's going to be difficult for me to remember to eat, drink and pump, so I'm at risk for my boobs thinking I must be done using them. My only question is that sometimes I have 10oz in a bag... is that going to be too much? Should I break it up so I don't end up feeding the extra to the dog or something? ;)

Budder21 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

Def break it up! My boy is a healthy one and loves his milk but doesn't tend to do more than 40 to 50 mls at a feeding so I bag 50 mls. You can always get more if needed, but yes, it sucks to throw away milk! Also, you could donate to a milk bank if you have tons extra. You can feel great about helping sick and preemie babies!

Eufreeka |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I started pumping/storing for a frozen milk supply for when I returned to work when my son was about one month old. Personally I was affected by over pumping and created an oversupply issue (granted my deep freezer looks like I am a breast milk hoarder lol). I finally corrected the issue (with much angst and frustration because he was so gassy/fussy. Now I only pump during the times he eats or would be eating. Good luck to everyone, this willl be my first time pumping @ work!

djharrsn |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I started expressing right from the start. I wanted to give Dad and Grandma the opportunity to bond with baby boy, and also I knew my son would need time to get acclimated to a bottle nipple verses the breast. It has worked out great! Now that I'm back to work, I express every 3 hours as if still nursing my son and my milk production is very solid. Good luck :-)

watsonicole |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I was super frustrated with breastfeeding in public (carpal tunnel from pregnancy and over all uncomfortable with positions, etc.) but I waited to start pumping until 6 weeks. Since then, I pump or feed every 4-5 hours... Sometimes I pump then feed her which I feel increases my milk supply since she can still get a full meal after I already drained my supply from pumping! Maybe my supply is so good now because they engorge after 6 hours of sleeping so I have to wake in the night to pump. I use a nipple shield so the only "nipple confusion" I have noticed is that when baby is very hungry she has gotten mad that the milk isn't already in her mouth before sucking (like it is from a bottle). I love pumping (I returned to work at 11 weeks) and I LOOOOVE that other people can feed her! We have always been active and in public but just the past couple of weeks we have gone to 2 zoos and aquariums, street fairs, etc... all thanks to bottles! Also --- I have a Madela manual pump (about $30) that I carry with me everywhere I go in a chillable lunch bag so I can pump and feed baby immediately (and prevent being engorged). I have used it in the car, fitting rooms at stores, and other crazy places... I can't imagine bringing my Madela electric pump to these places! I have found that since I returned to work (today is my 3rd day) that it may become difficult to take my 15 minute pump break every 4-5 hours but I have to remind myself that it will be worth it in the end to have a healthy baby! Good luck to all!!

punkersnickle |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

Check this out, a DME supplier of breast pumps - Zynitech Medical at www.zynitech.com or call 800-790-5208. The take insurance orders for breast pump and deliver them nationwide. My friend got a breast pump with her favorite color - pink Spectra S… in Breast pump covered by insurance

jenny63011 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I think you have to go according to your cues from the baby. I started pumping at 5 days old. I became severely engorged (never want that again) and had to. I froze it and started him on the bottle, in the daytime, after 1 month.

mmelvon7 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I started pumping from the beginning and this way we had a nice frozen stash and lots of bottles in the fridge to use during visits from family so that they could feed our little one also. We also decided to do bottles at night and nurse during the day hours so that my husband could feed her. We found it helpful to start in the beginning.

spedster17 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I suggest you start pumping. It's always good to have a store, and frozen milk is good for 6-12 months (although the antibody's in the milk deteriorate the longer it's frozen). There have been a few days at work that I couldn't get away to pump enough times, and had to use the frozen milk for the baby sitter the next day.

anirishblessing |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

I started pumping within the first few weeks my Lo was born. I knew that I needed to build my supply because I eventually had to go back to work (even though I didn't start working until she was 10 months old) and I needed to make sure I had milk when she would stay with my parent or in-laws. I breastfed exclusively for 6 months and She's 14 months old now and still breast feeds twice a day, I'm proud to say I still have frozen milk

Annie121 |

Q&A: Prepping to pump?

hello guys i know this is off the topic, but to me it is very importan to breastfeed my daughter, at first yes i wanted nothing to do with Breastmilk, but seeing her gosh it changed everything on me, my aspect of breasfeeding, til this day my daughter has only drank breastmilk, yes when i was in the hospital she was taking formula but that was because my milk wouldn't come in until day 7, which now i have alot i mean alot of milk that i am storing for her, but I just came to work 2 weeks ago, and its so sad but my daughter doesn't like frozen milk, i have tons in the freezer but i haven't used it bc of her she wouldn't want to eat, is this normal?? should I dump the frozen milk? I have in the refregerator from the past 4 days and its alot i know i pump every 3-4 hours, i will be starting a new position friday 7/27 and i am afraid i won't have the time to pump which it really bums me, i just hope i will have the time, i bought a car charger so i go to the car and pump :)...Anyways my question is how long does it last in the refrigerator before it goes bad, i mean i have alot and i don't want to dump it yet nor the one in the freezer... some websites i went to say 5 another one said 8. any suggestions? Also i just hope this new position works out since i will be working from home.

Blancauvalle |