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Q&A: Nursing in public?

I’d love to get out of the house more, but I’m nursing and very shy about doing it in public.

Re: I’d love to get out of the house more, but I’m nursing and very shy about doing it in public.

The Bump Expert

Discreet public breastfeeding is learned skill, just like breastfeeding itself. Practice at home in front of a mirror first, and you'll soon see much less skin (okay, boob) than you feared.

Experiment with different kinds of clothing to see what works best for you. Some moms like to wear looser tops that lift up from the bottom; others prefer button-up shirts or those with slits or flaps made especially for nursing. Nursing tanks or camisoles keep your stomach (and those stretch marks) covered while still allowing baby access to your breast. You can also drape a receiving blanket or shawl over your shoulder and baby's head as he slurps away. Another strategy: Wear your baby in a sling to hide what's happening and keep your hands free.

watch: public breastfeeding tips from real moms

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Nursing in Public?

A hooter Hider is the best for nursing in public! I have always been very modest,but after becomin a mother, I have found that modesty diminishes--Baby has to eat! But I'm still not one to whipout a boob without cover. A balnket or hooter hider makes me confident enought to nurse almost anywhere! I'e also discovered how many places have special rooms for nursing moms.

alpharettabride |

re: Q: Nursing in Public?

I don't feel weird about nursing in public, but I try to be discreet around non-family because I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I usually wear a t-shirt with a tank top underneath so my belly is covered when I pull up my shirt, but it's easily pulled down to nurse. I was going to attempt nursing clothes, but I was too eager to get back into pre-pregnancy clothes!Blankets or nursing canopies are great for covering up when you're in public, especially at first when baby is slow at nursing and you don't want to disappear for an hour!

anniemacgregor |

re: Q: Nursing in public?

i definitely agree, there are many ways you can breastfeed in public and you don't feel like your showing it all. there are tons of great maternity shirts and ways to work around your own clothes. even just wearing a breastfeeding bra will make sure your not showing skin. also practice at home so you learn how to tilt the babys head so there won't be as much skin and learn to get latched on more quickly. there are also better holds as well. it really depends on what type of clothing your wearing but i thought the cradle hold worked well for most of my clothes like t-shirts and sweatshirts and for things like a tanktops or a summer dress, i would use the football hold with a light blanket, specifically the millions of receiving blankets you probably got at your baby shower. once your child does get older (6 months and up-depending on baby) they hate a blanket over their face. in those instances i would definitely recommend a breastfeeding bra or a breastfeeding tanktop that you can put under almost any shirt.

heather13777 |

Q&A: Nursing in public?

I simply cannot nurse my baby in public. She is very hot blooded like her parents and does not like her head to be covered by a blanket. She was this way in the hospital too. I've tried this every way I can think of and just gave up. She and I go to another room, the car or those wonderful nursing rooms in the mall. Besides being hotblooded my baby girl is a little on the curious side and doesn't want to miss anything. If she hears someone else, Off Goes the Blanket and there I am for the world to see. I also have very large breasts so they are hard to hide in the first place.

texasmama10 |

Q&A: Nursing in public?

http://www.ncsl.org/IssuesResearch/Health/BreastfeedingLaws/tabid/14389/Default.aspx The best thing I found that helped me was knowing the laws in the state I live in.... it gave me confidence to nurse where ever and be okay with it, - also helped me decide to pump at work!

diamondsbell |

Q&A: Nursing in public?

I found that nursing tops and bras expose more skin. So I always wear a tank top under every outfit. Its so easy to keep everything covered and still feed your baby in public. I cant tell you how many times I have been feeding my son in public and people have tried to look at him or talk to me thinking he was just sleeping in my arms =) (Im not a small chested person either)

kyriegal |

Q&A: Nursing in public?

I'm shy myself and have a 4month old. I either find a department store with a womens lounge like Macys, nordstrom, lord&taylor or I go into a fitting room, I usually use the handicaped fitting room cuz it's big enough for stroller and all. and I nurse and change baby in there.

CurlyQ7978 |

Q&A: Nursing in public?

Here's a funny video about breast feeding. It's truly a hot topic. http://lifestyle.msn.com/your-life/today-in-the-park?videoId=2z93py33&from=&src=v5:share:sharepermalink:uuids

jackie |

Q&A: Nursing in public?

I recently took my Nursing Degree and I learned that it's ok to nurse in public. You have nothing to be ashamed about.

deanjohnson |