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Hilarious Places Moms Have Breastfed

Waiting to feed is usually not an option -- no matter where you are and what you’re doing. That can lead to some pretty unexpected breastfeeding scenarios.

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“I breastfed during my sister’s college graduation and at the zoo at both the monkey and polar bear exhibits!” -- Lindsay

“On the steps of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC.” -- Kim

“My car and my husband’s boss’s office! No one was in the office, but it was still odd!” -- Janine

“At The Cheesecake Factory right next to the Tuohy family -- the family from The Blind Side!” -- Emily

“I once pumped in the back of a van full of college students.” -- Jen

“Before a long car trip, my husband's aunt recommended sitting in the backseat and leaning over the baby's car seat so she could eat without us having to stop. I tried it for about two seconds before deciding it was both incredibly unsafe and uncomfortable!” -- Chelsea

“I've breastfed everywhere! Disneyland, SeaWorld, the beach and so on. Everyday, everywhere!” -- Kim

“At the Hallmark store behind a row of cards.” -- Heidi

“In the middle of the audience at a wrestling match.” -- Anni

“We were on a trip when my daughter was about four months old. When we got back to the airport to fly home, she was screaming to eat. So I fed her right there in the security line.” -- Carolyn

“While walking through the Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum.” -- Nola

“On the floor of our realtor's office while we were meeting with him and signing papers for our first house!” -- Trinity

“While playing disc golf! It was my turn to putt into the basket, and my little bear was hungry. He was still attached to the breast and I had to throw my disc, so I just cradled him in my arms and putted.” -- Crystal

“While talking to a Canadian Customs officer at the border.” -- Jessica

“While getting my eyebrows waxed. When they need to be fed, they need to be fed!” -- Leah

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-- Elena Donovan Mauer

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