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Top 8 Packaged Baby Foods

Of course, we’re huge fans of making your own baby food, but what about when you don’t have time to meal prep? Or you’re on the go? Here are the products Bumpies love (and trust!).

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2. Gerber Graduates Wagon Wheels

Is your baby ready to start finger foods? Try out Gerber Graduates Finger Foods, which have plenty of vitamin E, iron and zinc and don’t have artificial flavoring or coloring. Plus, they’re a fun snack to share at a play date!

Bumpies say: “A friend recommended Gerber wagon wheels to us because she loved how natural and flavorful they were. Plus, they’re made with whole grains. After using them, I totally agree.” -- Joan H.

“I trust Gerber when I don't have time to make our own baby food.” -- Jane S.

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