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Top 8 Packaged Baby Foods

Of course, we’re huge fans of making your own baby food, but what about when you don’t have time to meal prep? Or you’re on the go? Here are the products Bumpies love (and trust!).

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1. Plum Organics Fruit Blends

These all-natural fruit puree pouches are easy to grab and toss in the diaper bag. They’re great snacks because they contain more than one food, usually a fruit and veggie or a fruit and a grain.

Bumpies say: Plum’s pouches are great! We use them when we’re at home or on the go. I like that my baby is getting all the nutrients without those added preservatives.” -- Tina B.

“We buy a lot of Plum’s fruit blends pouches because they’re so tasty. My baby loves them!” -- Leslie R.

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