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Top 10 Baby-Food Recipes for Six- to Eight-Month-Olds

Stumped on what to feed your new solid-eater? Look no further. Ruth Yaron, author of Super Baby Food, Third Edition and SuperBabyFood.com, and Maggie Meade, author of The Wholesome Baby Food Guide and WholesomeBabyFoodGuide.com, share their best recipes.

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1. Baked Pears

Baked pears make great finger food for babies and are wonderful for babies who are being weaned using the Baby Led Weaning method.


  • 6 ripe pears (Bartlett or Anjou)


1. Preheat the oven to 350F and halve and then core the pears.
2. Place the pears in a shallow baking dish, flesh side up, with about 1 inch of water.
3. Bake for 25 minutes or until tender.
4. Allow pears to cool then mash or puree if needed, using the leftover baking water to thin if necessary.

Freezes with mixed results. You can freeze the baked pear halves without mashing or pureeing if you prefer.

Quick Tip: For older babies and kids of all ages, serve warm baked pears with a scoop of frozen or regular yogurt. Mash together if needed. Baked pears mix nicely into oatmeal cereal, yogurt or even chicken.

*Excerpted from The Wholesome Baby Food Guide and WholesomeBabyFoodGuide.com

Photo by Maggie Meade, Wholesome Baby Food and WholesomeBabyFood.com

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