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Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

Can I give my baby juice? Do I need to water it down?

Re: Can I give my baby juice? Do I need to water it down?

The Bump Expert

You should never give juice to a baby under six months of age. There is no nutritional reason to do so, except if your baby is constipated and then small amounts of prune or pear juice can be given, as directed by you child's pediatrician.

If you offer juices before the introduction of solid foods, you risk the child not taking enough breast milk or formula. As for toddlers, there is no need to offer juice if the child is eating fruit. Why? It is packed with sugar, and children that get used to drinking juice often won't accept water. This can lead to over consumption of sugar, tooth decay, and obesity as they grow.

Children of this age need 2 to 3 servings of fruit per day and only one of these servings should come from juice. If you decide to do this, remember that 4 oz. is a complete serving for a small child -- you should never offer more than 4 oz. in one day, and it is best to dilute the juice with water. You should at least make it a 50/50 mix (though you may want to make it more like flavored water). If the child hasn't had juice in the past, they won't even notice the difference. If you've already been giving juice and want to cut back, wean your child off slowly, increasing the amount of water each time.

Also, if you do decide to give your child juice, make sure the label indicates that it is 100% pasteurized juice, and always offer it in a cup -- never in a bottle.

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Nicole Meadow, MPN, RD, nutritionist

re: Q: Is Juice OK for Baby?

I give my DS juice once and a while. I always buy the 100% natural juice, no sugar added. He only gets it from a juice box, because he knows only cold milk and water come from a sippy, and warm milk come from a bottle.

luvmy2scotts |

Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

I'd actually like to know when can you start giving your baby gasey juices? for example, cold drinks like coke

AngLeb25 |

Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

I'm sorry but are you serious about wanting to give a baby something (coke) that melts coins?!

leslyerica |

Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

I would never recommend introducing the taste of soft drinks to a baby/toddler/child. Babies can not handle caffiene nor the carbonation. It would literally choke them to death.

carenichole |

Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

We've had to give my DS prune/apple/pear juice since he was 1 month - because of some digestive issues. He gets two bottles a day, and it is only 1 oz in a 4 oz bottle (of either milk or water). But we didn't start this until our doc recommended it for him - and it works wonders. Otherwise, I would probably have waited until he was a toddler to start. Once he's on a sippy, we plan on decreasing it to one sippy a day of diluted juice with breakfast. I'm going to wait as long as I can before he has things like soda's or koolaid. I realize he will probably be have some of these koolaid type drinks in preschool/elementary school, but he won't be getting any from us before that. And soda's we'll put off even longer.

ashliem06 |

Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

Ladies (and gentlemen), It's called the AAP. American Association of Pediatrics. If you have a GOOD pediatrician, they should have given you a LARGE handbook about babies first year according to the AAP. AAP says, 4-6 months you can start watered down pure juices. Only a couple ounces a day as it really is basically empty calories. I started mine on about 1 oz apple/1.5-2.0 water daily when we started rice cereal in our bottle at about 5.5 months. CALM DOWN. People have done this for thousands of years and it's not going to destroy your child! This is my first one, and he is doing great. We started pureed organic veggies last week, he is is months this week. He is doing great with them. One word of advice tho, never give fruit in any solid/pureed form as any of babies first several levels of food. Let them develop the taste for veggies first instead of the sweet (and that includes sweet potatoes) that fruits have. Veggies will help them get their nutrition and digestion in order and allow them to develop a good healthy taste for things besides sweets! Whoever mentioned giving their child/baby/toddler coke, YOU SHOULD BE REPORTED TO THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES! Why in the world would you do that? There is NOOOOOOOO reason you would want to be "poisoning" your baby this early? Think of their health, since it sounds like you might not think tooo much of your own! Good luck momma's (and daddies)!

shartsfield77 |

Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

I agreed, who on earth would give coke to a child?!?! ding ding ding...its even poison for adults. I will stick to veggies (comes first)...babies are smart lil people and will manipulate you to offer sugar and will become picky eaters later on. After sweet potatoes, yellow squash, carrots, green beans, you can introduce apple, banana, mango, avocado and pear to your little one as solid food, the juice consumes two apples instead of one so double the sugar...i will introduce chamomile water to my son this week, will let you know how it goes

michendara |

Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

I started giving my 6 month old daughter juice when she started solids at 4 1/2 months. I only buy her Gerber 100% apple juice and I put mostly water in it. She drinks it out of a sippy cup (they make them for babies starting at 4 months fyi) and only has juice with her meals or right after she has had them. She doesn't even finish the juice in her sippie in one day. Her pediatrician said it was perfectly fine to do so. Just like normal people, babies are thirsty too when they're eating.

ACS7397 |

Q&A: When is juice safe for baby?

i started my baby on apple/prune baby juice around 24 1/2 weeks, which was about 2 weeks after i started her on solids, the pediatrician told me to mix 50/50 cause my daughter was having a harder time then she should using the bathroom, worked like a miracle!!...shes doing amazing and loves her veggies still, have yet to introduce her to any of the fruits yet.

amandameagan |