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Insanely Easy Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you’re planning a bash for dozens of kids or just a small celebration with family, these out-of-the-box ideas are totally cool – and effortlessly easy – for kids at any age.

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easy birthday ideas

Movie party

Pop in a movie, heat up some theater treats and press play! There’s nothing to it -- but the kids will love it.

How to plan it
-Find a few favorite movies that are age appropriate (we recommend having three choices, just in case).
-Shop for theater treats. Think: movie popcorn, finger foods, juice, water and if you’re okay with it, some candy. Put them in personal to-go boxes to really make your party-goers feel like they’re sitting front row for the film. *Note, make sure you’re serving age-appropriate snacks. Popcorn can be a choking hazard, so for little kids, replace popcorn with puffs. The popcorn can be for the adults!
-Print admission tickets as invitations. Each guest will bring his for free admission (and a piece of birthday cake!).
-Before the movie starts, let the kids run around or do an activity. After the movie, they’ll need to burn some energy too.
-Wrap up the party with some cupcakes, cake or cookies.

Photo by Matthew Richmond / The Bump

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