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Once baby hits the 6-month mark, there are all sorts of new changes for you to adapt to. Our comprehensive guide to baby care and baby safety will help you adjust right along with your quickly growing baby. First, there’s baby proofing to think about -- we’ll help you make sure your home is safe for baby and walk you through all the different child safety devices on the market. Baby travel is another major topic for new parents -- we’ll walk you through car seat safety and flying with baby, and give you tons of tips and techniques for traveling with a little one. We’re sure you’ll be keeping a close eye on baby growth -- our guide will help you track benchmarks like teething and sight development. We also have information on growth charts and percentiles, which are a big concern for many new parents. Then, there’s all the other fun stuff that comes in baby’s second six months -- first haircuts, vaccines, teething, bedtime routines and sleeping through the night, first foods, cleaning those brand-new teeth, decreasing naptimes, childcare, first foods, books and toys, pediatrician checkups, pacifiers, separation anxiety, weaning, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Well, okay, some is a little more fun than others. But you have our word -- it’s all worth it.

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baby basics

Our comprehensive guide to baby care, safety and development will help you adjust right along with your quickly growing baby.

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