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If you’ve just come home with your newborn baby in tow we’ve got some pretty good guesses on how you’re feeling right about now -- ecstatic, overwhelmed, in love, tired and, oh yeah, pretty much scared out of your mind. Relax, mommy, help is on the way. We’ve put together the ultimate new mom survival guide, packed with all the need-to-know basics and parenting tips you may have missed in those massive baby books. Need help swaddling your newborn baby? Wondering whether baby’s poop is normal? Read on and we’ll help put your mind at ease. We’ve got loads of insider advice for every new parent including how to solve sleep problems, make sure baby is eating well, how to track baby’s development week-by-week, and much more. We’ll start you off with the basics: how to give baby a bath, how to cut those tiny fingernails, and what the heck to do with the umbilical cord. Once you’re ready for more, we’ll help you tackle things like vaccines, how to give baby medicine, and the tricks for getting baby (and you) to sleep through the night. Have an older baby? We know new parents still need help even after the newborn stage. When should you start baby on solid foods? Are you supposed to schedule naptimes? When will baby crawl and walk? How can you encourage baby to begin to speak? Whatever stage of new parenthood you’re in, we’ve got the answers and the tools to make your life easier.

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newborn & baby

Learn the ins and outs of feeding baby, get tips for dealing with sleep problems, and see how to cope with (and love!) your life as a new parent.

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