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Orange County Breastfeeding

Nursing is so good for baby, but it isn’t always easy -- we've got lactation consultants and breastfeeding supplies that can assist you during this joyful time.



Experience fashion with a purpose. Our breastfeeding products are fresh, trendy and innovative, designed for today’s modern mom.

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Relieve your baby’s stuffy nose, dry cough and itchy skin with a Crane humidifier. Crane has taken the lead in putting design into humidifiers, air purifiers and space heaters by following our mantra: design for better living. Crane is listed as a top humidifier pick in Consumer Reports.

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Fairhaven Health, LLC


Fairhaven Health offers natural, ob-gyn-recommended products to support fertility, pregnancy and nursing health. We offer a broad range of products to help couples conceive naturally, as well as prenatal and postnatal supplements, skincare products and more to support pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Fountain Valley Regional Hospital


From complimentary childbirth classes and private, spacious birthing suites to specialized care for routine and high-risk pregnancies and deliveries—plus a level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for newborns that need extra attention—we help make your delivery a labor of love.

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Lalabu Soothe Shirt™


Lalabu is named to honor the woman who taught us how to wrap babies on a trip to Burkina Faso, Africa. We work one day each week to help women in Atlanta and give $1 of each sale back to women in Africa. Our first product, the Soothe Shirt™, provides the intimacy of a wrap without the complexity.

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Newport Children's Medical Group


Primary pediatric and adolescent care, same day appointment guaranteed, after hours, weekend and holiday care, voted by their peers in the Orange County Medical Association as “Top Doctors in O.C. and America,” 24/7 board certified physician coverage.

Pretty Pushers


The Pretty Pushers collection includes labor and delivery gowns, postpartum underwear and nursing pads. The new Transition Gown can be worn as a maternity dress, through labor and delivery, and is perfect for nursing. Our product is hospital-approved and made in the USA!

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Pumping Essentials


Got health insurance? You may qualify for a hands-free double electric breast pump at no cost to you! Pumping Essentials offers Medela and Ameda breast pumps packaged with the popular Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra. Visit us online or call toll free at (866) 688-4203 to explore your options.

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Wee Nurture


Wee Nurture, maker of your favorite new nursing cover, is a company that cares. Our nursing covers are made with the highest ethical standards every step of the way. When you purchase Wee Nurture products, you are buying something that was lovingly made. We proudly manufacture in San Francisco.

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