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Los Angeles Health & Wellness

Stay fit and healthy before and after baby with these health and wellness resources, including fitness studio’s, baby nutrition, acupuncturists, chiropractors, baby massage, mommy makeover plastic surgeons and more.

Amalou Skin


Amalou Skin is the only full face care line that addresses pregnancy-related blemishes. Created by moms in search of a safer solution to acne, Amalou Skin's maternity-conscious products contain no potentially harmful ingredients, and their gentle formulas leave hormone-addled skin calm and glowing.

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B fit Los Angeles


B fit Los Angeles is an environment where individuals of all fitness levels and ages come together to achieve their personal fitness goals while getting the support and encouragement that is created in a group setting. We take a hands-on approach to give each student a personal training experience.

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Belly Sport Bra


Bao Bei Maternity introduces a modern alternative to the maternity support belt—like a sports bra for your belly! No belly should go without support. You’ll love how this fabric feels and will now be able to stay active throughout your pregnancy. Our belly support band is great for prenatal exercise and women on the go.

Berlin Wellness Group


Berlin Wellness Group is the comprehensive prenatal, postpartum and family wellness center offering chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, lactation support and much more. Our mission is to promote naturally comfortable and healthy pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum experiences and to support partners and children as well.

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Braithwaite Chiropractic


Braithwaite Chiropractic, led by an award-winning physician at the forefront of his field, is a family-friendly practice that specializes in customized care for all. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you function at your best during one of the most important times in your life.

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Coway’s Air + Sound Purifier was developed by prenatal specialists to create therapeutic sleep for parents and their baby. True HEPA technology used to capture dust and allergens is combined with six different soothing sounds such as tranquil spring rain to produce a peaceful sleeping environment.

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Relieve your baby’s stuffy nose, dry cough and itchy skin with a Crane humidifier. Crane has taken the lead in putting design into humidifiers, air purifiers and space heaters by following our mantra: design for better living. Crane is listed as a top humidifier pick in Consumer Reports.

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CredibleCravings is the first certified organic whole food bar developed specifically for women before, during and after pregnancy. Complete with probiotics and certified gluten-free, the tasty bar is comprised of unique ingredients that are nutritional powerhouses for Mom and her developing baby.

Del Mar Birth Center


Experience safe and supportive care with our Certified Nurse Midwives in a contemporary, quiet setting. Private birth suites with climate control, birth tubs, and showers. Water birth and VBAC birth options available.

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Dolphin Organics


Dolphin Organics™ is dedicated to creating the best organic baby care line. The products are certified organic and natural, hypoallergenic, and PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan. Based in organicaloe rather than water, the line gently cleanses, hydrates and protects even the most sensitive skin.

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Dr. Tina Ashrafzadeh, Traditional Osteopathy for Pregnancy, Pacific Coast Osteopathy Inc.


Every stage of your pregnancy presents different challenges to the anatomy and physiology of your body, from morning sickness and pelvic pain to heartburn and difficulties sleeping. This is a short list of issues that can be successfully treated with osteopathic manipulation by Dr. Tina Ashrafzadeh.

Mommy Deal: Osteopathic manipulative medicine, when applied throughout pregnancy, ensures optimal anatomical, physiological and emotional functioning. Established patients receive a free newborn treatment with scheduled postpartum visit.



FreshMommy is a gourmet, calorie-controlled, fresh diet delivery meal program that caters to the needs of late-stage pregnancy and postnatal women seeking nutritionally balanced and healthy meals to help maintain good health and nutrition for them and their babies. Your meals are delivered daily!

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Glendale Chiro Care


Dr. Titizian is Webster-certified. Her training and experience doesn’t just end in the office. She will also provide you with pregnancy-safe exercises and stretches that you can do at home. Chiropractic care should be a part of your prenatal heath care routine, promoting health throughout the body.

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Inner Health Chiropractic, Dr. Zail Khalsa


Chiropractic is the safe, drug-free way to an easier delivery. Our natural approach often reduces back pain and most common symptoms of pregnancy. Consult an experienced professional who coaches, inspires, encourages and uses all-natural approaches that honor mom and baby. Let’s talk. We listen.

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Little Lily’s Kitchen


Little Lily’s Kitchen is a personal chef service that provides nutritious, delicious and thoughtful food to new moms and their families. When the time comes, you will have a lot to think about. Let us help. Packages are more affordable than you may think.

Milkin' Cookies


Milkin' Cookies are the delicious solution to breast milk supply issues. Created by physician-moms and packed with healthy ingredients, Milkin' Cookies contain no medications or herbs and are baked fresh, individually packaged and shipped right to your door. Order through our website.

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MotherBees - Health Food For Moms


MotherBees seeks to provide nourishing and healthful food for all mothers around the globe. We aim to provide better-tasting, fresher and loving food the way nature intended it to be.

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Natural Birth and Women's Center


The Natural Birth and Women’s Center is the longest running birth center in California, where experience, competence, technology, and education are used to achieve incredible birth outcomes.

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Psi Bands


Quell the queasies in style! Psi Bands are FDA-cleared acupressure wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy, and anesthesia. Available in five colors, adjustable, reusable, waterproof, and affordable. Breathe a "psi” of relief!

Shrinkx Hips


Hips widen for delivery but don’t have to stay that way. Shrinkx Hips is OB/GYN recommended to guide hips back into place (or smaller!) when worn in the first 8-weeks following baby’s arrival. 95% of moms return to their pre-pregnancy hip size, or smaller. Take inches off your hips even before losing the baby weight.

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Urban Goddess Lifestyle


Birth, Baby and Prenatal Yoga Experts. We offer: Birth Doula + Hypno Doula + Post-Partum Doula Agency services, Newborn Care Classes, Breastfeeding Consults, Postpartum Home Visits, Prenatal Yoga + Mommy and Me Classes, Childbirth Education. CONFIDENTIAL HOME VISITS AND PRIVATE CLASSES.

Say goodbye to postbaby belly with our medical-grade postpregnancy and slimming girdles. Wink's patented postpregnancy and slimming girdles help body contouring and skin retraction with medical-grade compression, which helps your stomach compress—resulting in a flatter stomach, faster.

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WundaBar Pilates


For pregnant goddesses and all moms, we offer WundaBar pelvic floor and pregnancy conditioning classes. WundaBar delivers unparalleled results with our exclusive WundaFormer: a Pilates reformer, Wunda Chair and Jump Board with a Ballet Bar—all in one—for your fit, healthy pregnancy and beyond!

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Yummi Pouch


Easily take snacks on the go with Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches. Our eco-friendly six-ounce pouches are dishwasher- and freezer-safe, BPA- and phthalate-free, easy to clean and fill through the wide top zipper opening, and allow kids to enjoy homemade blended snacks—no spoon required.