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Houston Pediatric Services

Searching for a pediatrician, pediatric dentist or pediatric hospital? Look no further.

The Clinic For Colic


We can see you and your baby in clinic for free! We can provide you with strategies to give your baby (and you) some peace (and quiet). Infant colic can be very stressful for mom and dad. It can be confusing deciding what to try next. We will help give your baby (and you) some rest!

Mommy Deal: Call for your completely free phone consultation with a licensed physician regarding colic!

NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care


NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care's mission is to provide quality, affordable, compassionate service for infants, children and adolescents. We exist to be the first-choice provider for pediatric urgent care when the primary pediatrician is not available.



VIPediatRx is a unique pediatric practice in the River Oaks area of Houston. As a reliable, innovative, caring concierge practice, we offer one-hour appointments, house calls and 24/7 direct access to our board-certified pediatrician. VIPediatRx is bringing back the long-forgotten art of personalized medicine.

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