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Atlanta Family & Lifestyle

Welcoming a new baby brings a lot of new changes. You’re going to need some help with money matters, estate planning, family car buying, home organization, meal planning, finding family friendly spots and more!

The Dinner A'Fare


We deliver gourmet, children-friendly dinners right to your door. No more rushing to the grocery store, no more hours in the kitchen, no more fast food.

Mommy Deal: Receive 20% off your order. Enter code: BUMP20 in the special instructions.

Mommy and Baby First


Mommy and Baby First, Atlanta’s first full-service provider, is focused on providing overall wellness to pregnant and new moms. Services include massage, makeup/hair/nail care, healthy meal preparation, financial needs analysis, personal shopping and postnatal care for up to eight weeks!

Mommy Deal: Get a free consultation! Services are inclusive and provided to mommy. All food, nail polish and photography is sold separately.