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Vasectomy reversed?

Can you get a vasectomy reversed and still conceive?


Can you get a vasectomy reversed and still conceive?

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We all change our minds sometimes. So if your partner got snipped and either or both of you have had second thoughts, you’re probably freaking out that you can never make a baby together. The good news: Most vasectomy reversals, which reconnect the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles into the semen, are fully successful. Vasectomy reversals can occur even if it’s been many years since the original surgery, but keep in mind that the longer it’s been since his boys were present and accounted for, the less successful the surgery will be.

Though largely considered safe, like any surgery, vasectomy reversal is not without its risks. Your partner may develop bleeding in the scrotum, which can cause painful swelling, infection at the surgery site, pain, fluid buildup around the testicles and even sperm granuloma -- where sperm leaks into the scrotum and forms an inflamed mass. Frequently this surgery is done on an outpatient basis, so your partner won’t have to spend the night away from home. He might consider having sperm taken while he’s under the knife and freezing them just in case the reversal doesn’t work. That way, the frozen sperm can later be thawed and used to fertilize eggs during an IVF treatment.

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Vasectomy reversed?

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Vasectomy reversed?

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