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Top 4 Sex Position Myths

If you’re trying to conceive -- and you’ve let the cat out of the bag -- you’ve probably heard your share of “tips” for having sex that will really make a baby. But there’s some advice you just shouldn’t believe -- and some of the biggest ones have to do with sex positions.

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Myth #3: Use the position where you’re most likely to have an orgasm

We’re not saying this is a bad idea (by all means, do it -- it will make the whole process way more fun), but while some experts believe an orgasm pushes the semen up higher into the vagina, it’s not a proven method. “One study found that the little swimmers found their way just fine [without orgasm],” says Twenge. “Female orgasm moving things along would also require simultaneous orgasm, and that’s found a lot more often in romance novels than real life.”

Of course, there’s something else to be said for having the big O. “The more you enjoy yourself, the more likely you’re going to be doing it often enough to improve your chances of conception,” say The Mommy Docs.

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