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Top 4 Sex Position Myths

If you’re trying to conceive -- and you’ve let the cat out of the bag -- you’ve probably heard your share of “tips” for having sex that will really make a baby. But there’s some advice you just shouldn’t believe -- and some of the biggest ones have to do with sex positions.

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Myth #2: You definitely shouldn’t be on top

For the same reason people recommend missionary, they believe it’s impossible to conceive if a woman is upright. But no one really knows if that’s true -- and the experts say position probably really doesn’t matter. “There is no research on whether certain sexual positions are more likely to result in conception,” says Jean Twenge, author of The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant.

Sex is sex -- and your vagina is a warm, thriving environment in which sperm can live for a day or two (or as long as a week!) and make it to your fallopian tubes within one minute. Do it at the right time of your cycle, and you’ve already boosted your ability to get pregnant. Remember: Your partner’s sperm might have around 100,000 million sperm in it, and you only need one to fertilize the egg.

If you’re really worried about gravity, try lying with your knees bent and pelvis tilted backwards after sex, to hold the semen in a bit, recommend The Mommy Docs (Allison Hill, MD; Yvonne Bohn, MD; and Alane Park, MD), ob-gyns in practice in Los Angeles, California. They explain this method hasn’t been proven either, and the exact amount of time to you should do it isn’t clear. But like many other conception tricks, it’s worth a shot.

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