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Top 6 Home Pregnancy Tests

Which pregnancy test is best? The answer’s not so easy. Do you want something to tell you if you’re pregnant really, really early? That’s easy to read? That’s super-affordable? We took Bumpies’ six favorite tests and broke down the facts to help you decide.

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Best Cheapie You Don’t Have to Order Online: New Choice Pregnancy Test

How it works: Believe it or not, this test, sold at Dollar Tree stores, has a better reputation on The Bump message boards than some pricier, blue-dye tests do. (Tests with blue indicators, such as e.p.t., get a bad rap for being harder to read -- some claim the blue ones are prone to false positives, but as far as we know, that hasn't been scientifically proven.) To take this test, collect your pee in a cup and then use the dropper that comes with the test to add several drops of urine to a specific area of the test. Two lines appear if you’re pregnant; only one shows up if you’re not.

How accurate it is: The maker says it’s 99 percent accurate, but there's no word on which day that refers to. The sensitivity of the test is said to be similar to e.p.t.

Bumpies say: “I got my positive test on Dollar Tree tests. I tested starting at 10 or 12 days post-ovulation and got my positive at 13 or 14 days post-ovulation. Once I got the positive, I went and bought a digital [to confirm the pregnancy].” -- Mrs.Teddy

“I had a + with my son at 10 days post-ovulation and a positive with my daughter at 11 days post-ovulation with Dollar Tree tests.The only thing that sucks about them is the method -- that you have to collect pee and dropper it.” -- cmeon_the_water

Price: $1 each, Dollar Tree stores

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