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Top 5 Ovulation Predictor Kits

Trying to conceive and want to take out some of the guesswork? You can track your hormone surges -- and, in turn, get a better sense of when you’re ovulating -- with one of these Bumpie-tested kits.

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Clearblue Advanced Digital

Best Four-Day Kit: Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test

How it works: It’s a urine test too, but instead of testing for just LH, it also tests for another hormone, estrone-3-glucuronide (E3G). This, makers say, can help pinpoint four fertile days, while most digital tests just offer two. You’ll get a smiley face during your peak fertility and a flashing smiley when you’re at high fertility. The flashing smiley means, “Do it today!”

How accurate it is: According to the manufacturer, over 97 percent of volunteer testers correctly read the test’s result.

Pro: It’s especially good if you’re a planner. Instead of just a day or two advance notice of your most fertile days, this test may give you about four days notice.

Bumpies say: “It was an easy-to-read display, and I think the differing faces are really cool. The happy face with the extra lines around it practically scream, “OMG, you are so ovulating right now. That was fun to use. I also like that it had a permanent wand, so I made less garbage.”

“Nothing makes me more happy than seeing that smiley face. Well other than a big, fat [pregnancy test] plus sign, but hopefully I am on my way to that!”

“The four-day result gives me more flexibility to plan.”

Price: $30 for 10 sticks,

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