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Top 5 Ovulation Predictor Kits

Trying to conceive and want to take out some of the guesswork? You can track your hormone surges -- and, in turn, get a better sense of when you’re ovulating -- with one of these Bumpie-tested kits.

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Best Basic Digital Kit: First Response Daily Digital Ovulation Test

How it works: This isn’t your typical pee-and-throw-away test. Use the included sticks and with the same digital reader, and it compares your hormone levels today to the levels you’ve had on past days, instead of to a general “average.” If you’re having a luteinizing hormone (LH) surge, you’ll get a “YES +” reading, which means your body will be ready for babymaking over the next two to three days.

Pro: The digital “YES+” and “NO+” readings are easier to read than the faintness or darkness of a line, which is what many non-digital tests display.

Con: You’ll have to keep stocking up on new sticks, since there’s only one month’s supply included. But, hey, you never know -- that could be all you need.

How accurate it is: Makers say it’s over 99 percent accurate in detecting the LH surge.

Bumpies say: “I like that it stores your information. Some other digitals don’t do that.”

“I don't like trying to guess what a test is telling me by how thick, thin, faint or bold a line is -- I just want a yes or no!”

Price: $40 for one digital reader and 20 test sticks,

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