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Can Alternative Medicine Boost Your Fertility?

Some experts say yes. Here are six methods worth trying.

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Hey, it’s not all just about finding your chi and learning how to bend like a pretzel. Yoga increases blood flow to your reproductive organs (i.e. your ovaries and other fun stuff around your abdominal area), which in turn oxygenates the cells and improves your egg quality. Plus, yoga's a big help in combating all that stress that comes with infertility and… well, life. Which is pretty important, considering that earlier this year scientists finally found a definitive link between stress and infertility, when a study determined that women who are stressed take are less likely to conceive. And it's no wonder, says Strong, since the body begins to shut down in all sorts of ways when you're stressed. But by getting your inner yogi on, you can naturally lower your blood pressure, alter your physiological response to stress, and even increase circulation (which is often to blame for a lot of otherwise unexplainable infertility issues).

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