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10 Crazy Fertility Myths -- Debunked

When it comes to baby-related old wives’ tales, we don’t know about you, but we’ve sure heard some real doozies. Read on to get to the bottom of a few common mistruths.

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Myth #2: Swallowing semen will make you more fertile

You gotta admire the creativity of the guy who started this rumor. But c’mon, you really believe it? Semen definitely has its wacky benefits (ahem, “sperm facials,” anyone?), but making you more fertile isn’t one of them -- at least, no studies have proven it so far. Semen does contain tons of protein, though, so we can say it has that going for it. But a note to the husbands out there who are contemplating using this little gem on their partners: There are other ways of asking for a full-service BJ than lying to your wife...just sayin’.

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