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Q&A: What to ask at a prenatal checkup?

What should I ask the doctor at my preconception checkup?

Re: What should I ask the doctor at my preconception checkup?

The Bump Expert

You're smart to schedule an appointment. A preconception visit is a good move for anyone TTC, but particularly those on their first baby, or with any underlying health concerns or problems with previous pregnancies. It’s best to schedule the appointment at least three months before you plan to start trying to leave enough time for any vaccines you may need. These questions should get you started:

[ ] Am I at risk for any problems? Do I need to take any specific precautions?

[ ] Is my weight ok?

[ ] Is my future child at risk for any genetic conditions? Do you recommend genetic testing?

[ ] Are all my immunizations up to date?

[ ] Are there any health problems or conditions I should take care of before trying to conceive?

[ ] Are all the medications I’m currently on safe? If not, what can I do or take instead?

[ ] Will the birth control I was taking have any effect? How long after I stop taking it will I able to get pregnant?

[ ] Is there any exercise or physical activity that will increase or decrease my chances of conceiving? What are some general guidelines?

[ ] What kind of diet should I eat, and what should I avoid? What about… Caffeine? Alcohol? Cigarettes?

[ ] Can you recommend a prenatal vitamin?

[ ] Are there any environmental exposures I should avoid?

[ ] Should I steer clear of any over-the-counter medications?

[ ] At what time of month do I have best chance of conceiving?

[ ] What can my husband and I do to increase the odds of getting pregnant?

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: What to ask at a prenatal checkup?

It depends on what issues you need to solve and what concerns you might have. For example, my wife asked about a hcg diet. This is not an usual question, but it's just an example for you to understand that you can ask anything that bothers you.

Bulbazar |

Q&A: What to ask at a prenatal checkup?

At my first prenatal checkup I started to put my doctor so many questions that he asked me if I was a doctor, I told him that I have a nursing degree and medicine is my passion. We talked for about 3 hours and I managed to understand everything I wanted to know, don`t worry about asking your doctor any questions, you must exit his office knowing exactly what worries you.

amyabel68 |

Q&A: What to ask at a prenatal checkup?

Great Read...

Knottie08209572 |

Q&A: What to ask at a prenatal checkup?

Making sure you understood everything you wanted to know after making a prenatal checkup is very important. My aunt consulted even the doctor at because she wanted to make sure her pregnancy will be a journey of health and great joy.

Knottie99497478 |