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Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

I've heard it's good to see the dentist before I get pregnant. Why?

Re: I've heard it's good to see the dentist before I get pregnant. Why?

The Bump Expert

There are a few good reasons to pay your dentist a visit. First, periodontal disease is linked to preterm and underweight babies. Thanks to prostaglandin (a chemical found in oral bacteria that can induce labor), women with periodontal disease could be seven times more likely to have a too-small preemie. Catch and treat this condition before getting pregnant, and you'll avoid major potential problems.

It's also smart to see the dentist because, quite simply, pregnancy does strange stuff to your teeth and mouth. Pregnancy gingivitis -- marked by swelling, bleeding, redness and soreness -- hits about half of all women. Your dentist can prepare you for what to expect, let you know what's normal and what isn't, and make sure your mouth is in as good shape as possible before your hormones get really crazy.

> More from the American Academy of Periodontology

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: TTC Dentist Visit?

Being I am now planning and "trying" ,would you say I should see a dentist now or once I finally get prego?

Brswty |

re: Q: TTC Dentist Visit?

You should go now-if you do have peridontal disease or dental problems that will need to be taked care of this will give you time to correct those issues before you are pregnant. Dental work when you are pregnant can get tricky because of all the hormones in your body and if you need to have teeth taken out or if you are at risk for infection of some sort you are limited in the antibiotics and pain meds you can take once you have that little bebe in there.

mcrussell |

re: Q: I Need a Dentist Before TTC?

Another good reason to visit your dentist before you concieve is to make sure all of your oral x-rays are up to date since it is not advised to have x-rays taken while pregnant.

crystal.a.t |

re: Q: I need a dentist before TTC?

I wasn't expecting to get pregnant so soon and haven't been to the dentist in about 4 years (yikes! I know, horrible!!), but I'm wondering if it's still as important to go to the dentist since I'm already pregnant (I promise to go and get checked up, I just want to know if it does any good after someone's already pregnant).

rcollier_17 |

re: Q: I need a dentist before TTC? dentist said that everything should be done in the first should find a good dentist and talk to them about it.

thegroomer |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

While going to the dentist before trying to conceive is probably best, with the time frame of getting pregnant it can be a hard thing to time. I am not a dentist, but am a third year dental student. We have learned that most treatments should be done during the second trimester. The first trimester is when all of the vital organs are forming and we want to make sure that we don't do anything that could cause problems, though it's a very small chance. And in the third trimester, most are just not comfortable enough to lay in a chair for an appointment. Hormones in pregnancy can cause a lot of changes in your gums and it's really important to talk to your dentist about it. Though most dentists will try to wait until the child is born, certain procedures should be done as soon as possible. The best thing to do is have your 6 month check ups regularly before and during pregnancy to make sure your oral health is as good as it can be when your child is born.

lkbohner |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

My dentist's hygienist told me you should not get your teeth cleaned while pregnant because it releases a bacteria in your system that can cause a miscarriage. I happened to mention it to her after she cleaned my teeth that we were trying but we hadn't yet conceived. She told me to let them know before hand in the future before any cleanings.

hammic1 |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

I followed this advice and when to the dentist a couple of weeks ago, just when I stopped the birth control. I thought everything would be fine but it turns out that I had to have all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. They were just taken out two days ago and me and my husband can now start trying to conceive again. I am so excited to have everything done it helps me to not have to worry anymore. I definitely recommend going just in case. My husband went with me and it turns out he has a periodontal disease, and he is obsessed with having his teeth clean. So my point is sometimes the signs may not be there but it doesn't mean nothing is wrong.

briantyke_ml |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

I am a dental hygienist. Bacteria from periodontal disease can transfer to the unborn baby, and pregnancy can cause some terrible "gum" problems. It is good and recommended by us to see the dentist every 4-6 months REGARDLESS of whether you are pregnant or not. :) The only thing different will be that we will not take xrays if you are pregnant unless we feel that the benefit will out way the risk. So, see your dentist regularly and do not stop continueing your recall appointments unless your specific dentist told YOU not to go. :) Hope this helps.

elyman8405 |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

I am 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and just went to the dentist to have a small cavity filled. They did numb me, but didn't have to use too much. It didn't even occur to me that it might be long as they weren't doing xrays. I'm so clueless....and now I'm freaking out!

emmylyyn |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

I would not worry about the anesthetic, if they knew you were pregnant your dentist should have used an anesthetic that is allowed during pregnancy. Most ob/gyn just ask that the anesthetic not contain epinephrine in it. Even if they used an anesthetic w/ epi a small amount should not cause any problems

shaybay1985 |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

I'm at 8 weeks, haven't been to the dentist in years (oops) and think I have my first cavity. I normally have to take antibiotics when I go to the dentist (due to a heart murmur), but not I'm not sure what to do. 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, or not at all?

coxswain91 |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

Get every single teeth problem you have solved before you get pregnant. IF you're three month pregnant let's say and suddenly get a tooth ache there's not a lot of strong medication you can take so you will have to stay with the pain until it passes. I had braces on my teeth, the invisalign Tucson kind, and I wanted to take them out before the baby came. My dentist said I should wait as she couldn't even give me an anesthetic.

johannabartley |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

I don't think it's necessary to go to the dentist for more than a regular check up if you don't have problems with your teeth. I for one went for my annual check up at the Tucson Dental and that was it. The doctor told me that as long as I take my vitamins everything should be fine, and I had no dental issues neither during or after my pregnancy.

Penelope Berkman |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

It is important to get your dental health checked regularly, so if you do so, there is no real cause for worry about whether you have done so before getting pregnant, since most people cannot predict when they will conceive.

SidZucker22 |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

Before I had my first child I went to a dentist in Tucson and he told me that I should visit the dentist before the 4th month. It would be recommended to not go at all while pregnant but if it is an emergency the 4th month would be the safe zone. I strongly recommend you talk to all your doctors when you found out you are pregnant.

ChristineDaaeDeBeauChamps |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

I was prepared for all the changes during my pregnancy. My cousin works for a nyc cosmetic dentists clinic and he advised me to go get checked. I've been always proud of my teeth, but when you're about to have a baby a lot of things change.

TawnyCollyn |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

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Allenwood |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

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scottoswald |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

Because your teeth need calcium in order to stay healthy and usually while you are pregnant, most of the calcium from your body goes into your baby's bones. It is important to go to the dentist from time to time while you are pregnant because you might need a treatment or too in order to maintain their glow. There is a cosmetic dentistry in Frisco, Texas that you can check. They are doing an amazing job when it comes to pregnant women.

siedna |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

You should see the dentist at least two times a year no matter if you are pregnant or not. It is crucial to take care of your teeth because most of the calcium from what you eat is going in your teeth and bones. If you are interested in certain dental related procedures, Check Out You will find options for every pocket and you will meet a great team of doctors that really care about your health.

siedna |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

Indeed, it is much better to go to the dentist and fix any problem before you remain pregnant. There are clinics that work fast and offer their clients only quality services, like this one from, therefore, you won't spend too much time here. Some medical substances that the dentist uses on you can affect the baby's development, this is the main reason why is not so good to visit the dentist when you are pregnant.

marta8080 |

Q&A: Seeing the dentist before getting pregnant?

There are medical interventions that can't be preformed if you're pregnant, that's why you should solve all your dental problems before getting pregnant. So, if your dentist recommended an oral surgery in Williamsburg, you should perform it as soon as possible. You need to be healthy, for you and your baby.

elizabeth675 |