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Q&A: Seafood and getting pregnant?

Is it safe to eat fish while trying to conceive?

Re: Is it safe to eat fish while trying to conceive?

The Bump Expert

When you say sayonara to birth control, you should also bid adieu to those swordfish steaks. Swordfish, shark, orange roughy, king mackerel, marlin, grouper and tilefish are all high in mercury, a neurotoxin that can harm a fetus’s developing brain and nervous system. Mercury can linger in your body for a year or more, so you should eliminate those fish from your diet when you’re TTC (or, ideally, a year before you start).

All sea creatures aren't off limits, though. Most fish and shellfish other than those listed above are safe for unborn babies and offer lots of low-fat protein and omega-3 fatty acids, both crucial to the health of you and your future baby.

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Seafood and getting pregnant?

What about tuna?

chelle540 |

Q&A: Seafood and getting pregnant?

Tuna is ok if its 3oz or less per week.

andoolittle |

Q&A: Seafood and getting pregnant?

That's not necessarily true about tuna. Please check this website: it's from the American Pregnancy Association. THey list the fishes that are safe to eat, by mercury content, and also include a weight based chart about how much tuna is safe to eat based on your body weight. One size does not fit all.

GenRN45 |

Q&A: Seafood and getting pregnant?

What about Shrimp? Anyone know?


Q&A: Seafood and getting pregnant?

That website (above) says you can eat 2 six ounce servings per week of shrimp.

hammic1 |

Q&A: Seafood and getting pregnant?

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willimrichard |

Q&A: Seafood and getting pregnant?

Q: Every couple months I travel to visit my company headquarters - I work with primarily men and it usually entails 'rubbing elbows' with upper management, wine drinking and SUSHI. My husband and I are wanting to TTC now - however, I am needing some advice and/or 'reasons' on why I wouldn't be drinking wine or eating sushi (my FAV!) without eluding that I may be TTC/pregnant. It would even look a little odd for me to order a 'mocktail' as they all know I'm a complete wine-o and don't drink hard liquor. Any suggestions??

m21megs |