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Q&A: Nutrition and getting pregnant?

Do I need to change my diet while I’m TTC, or does it not really matter until I’m actually pregnant?

Re: Do I need to change my diet while I’m TTC, or does it not really matter until I’m actually pregnant?

The Bump Expert

There are a few good reasons to fine-tune your eating habits now. First, a balanced diet is linked to increased fertility. The healthier you and DH are, the better your chances of conceiving. Plus, eating wisely now will get your body in prime condition to have a healthy pregnancy once you conceive.

So how do you start? Make sure to get several servings of fruits, veggies (especially leafy greens), whole grains and dairy every day. Cut back on refined sugar, white flour and saturated fat. You might also consider reducing your caffeine intake. Research on whether it affects fertility is mixed, but most docs say 200 mg (about one-to-two cups of coffee) a day or less is safe. A vitamin-mineral supplement is another good idea. Ask your doc for recommendations, because some contain things unsafe for baby (a prenatal vitamin is probably your best bet). Whatever you take, make sure it contains folic acid, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Nutrition and getting pregnant?

When I went to pick out some prenatal vitamins, there were kinds with iron and kinds without. I heard that iron supplements can make you sick, so I got the kind without. Is that bad?

chelle540 |

Q&A: Nutrition and getting pregnant?

I don't think that it's bad. You should do what's bast for you. But based on the research that I've done on pre-conception nutrition, it's super important to have a diet rich in iron for a number of reasons. I would try taking prenatal vitamins WITH iron and see how your body responds. If you really do feel sick, then I would simply start eating a lot of iron-rich foods (spinach, beets, red meat). A great book to think about buying is "Healing Children Naturally" by Michael Savage. Contrary to what it appears, it's not just about how to feed your kids. It's also about how to feed you and your partner before and during pregnancy. You can get it at

JaneEyre99 |

Q&A: Nutrition and getting pregnant?

The iron in my prenatals makes me pretty nauseous, I started taking them at night right before bed and the problem is 100% better :-)

alliecatn1 |

Q&A: Nutrition and getting pregnant?

Iron is also linked to constipation but if you eat well and exercise you won't have a problem. I am on New Chapter Organics Perfectly Prenatal. They are expensive but much cheaper off of They are a probiotic whole food vitamin with iron and I love them. I took them through my first pregnancy and now that we are TTC I am on them again (in between I just get the Target brand). No nausea during my first pregnancy.

marydmunoz |

Q&A: Nutrition and getting pregnant?

I am taking a regular OTC prenatal vitamin, and feel healthier all around. I usually take them in the morning so I don't forget - no baby results yet though and I started taking them long before TTC. Question related to the iron, I am normally a little constipated - how do natural fiber pills effect TTC or baby later? Anything bad?

gretchie08 |

Q&A: Nutrition and getting pregnant?

When I asked my Dr. about prenatal vitamins she said to make sure there is iron. When I asked about them possibly making me nauseous, she said not to worry until I became pregnant. Something about the iron and being pregnant can make you queasy.

Reigh007 |

Q&A: Nutrition and getting pregnant?

My hubby and I decided to start TTC last December (Christmas present for me! We weren't going to start until April or May!) and I've been taking an OTC prenatal since then. No baby yet, but I agree with gretchie08, I feel healthier! My hair feels a bit fuller, and my nails are stronger too. The biggest thing for me is that besides little colds and a bit of nausea, I haven't been sick at all this winter, and normally I've gone through one or more episodes of a stomach bug. The iron in my prenatal vitamins has not bothered me, thankfully. I used to take just an iron supplement when I was in high school but had to stop because it made me feel sick. If you're really worried about it, maybe try to find a prenatal that has a lower amount of iron in it, and then supplement it with iron rich foods. Good luck everyone! :)

Palmtrees09 |