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Irregular periods and getting pregnant?

What are irregular periods? How do they affect my chances of getting pregnant?


What are irregular periods? How do they affect my chances of getting pregnant?

The Bump Expert

Some women can rattle off exactly which week of the month (first, second, third or fourth) they usually get their period. Others have absolutely no idea when or where their periods will strike. If you count yourself among the latter group, there’s a good chance you are someone with an irregular menstrual cycle. Most women with irregular periods have either very long cycles (45 to 60 days) or sometimes will skip their period every few months. You can have irregular periods when you first start menstruating, and then again at the other end of the equation, when you start to enter perimenopause. Or it can happen during other times in your life, either by stress, significant weight loss or gain, illness, travel and even certain medications.

While having an irregular period can make it more challenging to get pregnant (since it’s not always quite as clear when you’re going to ovulate, and potentially conceive), the good news is that this is often a highly treatable condition. If you’re thinking seriously about getting pregnant and you’re ready to do so, talk to your doctor, who can help provide some medication to kick-start your period and regulate your cycle. And try to relax as much as you can. There’s a strong, well-proven link between your emotions and your cycle. The less stress you produce, the better your hormones will work to keep your cycle on track.

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Samuel Wood, MD, reproductive endocrinologist and medical director, The Reproductive Sciences Center, San Diego

Irregular periods and getting pregnant?

There are also non- prescription drug means of kick-starting your cycle, or regulating it. My cycles have ranged from 40-55 days, which means even less chances to get pregnant. Under supervision of a naturopath who specializes in fertility and women's health, I've been doing acupuncture several times a month. I also take Vitex, a natural supplement that promotes ovulation, and regularly do yoga. So far, it's only been a few cycles so I haven't conceived just yet, but my cycles are shorter and I feel awesome doing it naturally. There is a place for meds, and I fully support using them when necessary. It's just a great feeling to learn patience and go with my body, rather than force it!

nicolinab |

Irregular periods and getting pregnant?

i have had luck in using a natural hormone balancing cream to get periods regular and hormones balanced, ive also seen many girls get preg and stay preg by using a natural progesterone. a obgyn said Arbonne (health & wellnesscompany)had a good one and i loved the products so much i started selling them, but i would love to send info on hormone balancinga nd how progesterone helps if anyones interested in taking a look

cowgirl4christ1991 |

Irregular periods and getting pregnant?

Another great way to work with an irregular cycle? Have sex every other or every two days! It's a great way to stay connected with your husband intimately plus will give you a higher chance of having intercourse around ovulation. This is how my husband and I did it!

ElyseBower |