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Q&A: How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

How likely am I to have multiples if I’m undergoing IVF?

Re: How likely am I to have multiples if I’m undergoing IVF?

The Bump Expert

Just as IVF ups your chances of getting pregnant, it also ups your chances of having more than just one baby. That’s why the rise in popularity of fertility treatments (like IVF) has so strongly impacted the rise in multiple births over the last few decades. This tends to happen because more than one embryo is implanted in order to increase the chance of pregnancy, and multiple embryos potentially means multiple babies! In fact, IVF babies are 20 times more likely to be multiples than naturally conceived babies. Some studies say that close to half of the babies born thanks to IVF treatments are multiples. So if you’re undergoing IVF, be prepared that there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing multiples in your future (aka better start stocking up on diapers!).

Karen Moise, RN

How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

I had a successful IVF and they only transferred one embryo. Your best bet to decrease your chance of multiples is to find a infertility center and/or hospital that has a high pregnancy success rate with single embryo transfers. It also depends on the grade or score your embryo is given. If it is high grade (mine was a hatching blastocyst) then they may only transfer one. My hospital is nationally known for pregnancy successes with single embryo transfers. Actually there is a 4-part series coming up on the WE channel that features hospitals throughout the country who have this distinction. It's called Fertility Chase and starts on Saturday, May 1st. It's at 8:30 am in my neck of the woods but try going to to find out when it will be playing in your area. Who knows, maybe a hospital in your area will be featured on that show. Good luck!

klofting |

How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

This is from the e-mail I got from The Bump advertising this thread: We've all heard those stories of moms who conceived multiples with IVF (like Kate's 8!). Now our expert explains exactly how likely it is that it'll happen to you." Kate did not use IVF. She used IUI (IntrauUterine Insemination), which is a completely different procedure. I would suggest your "experts" start checking facts before emailing inaccurate information.

jcd083 |

How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

so glad somebody else caught that!!! Having IVF in 2 wks and my doc said as long as uterus looks good no need to put in more than 2. Very high success rates in Cary, NC

mwdonaldson |

How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

My friend had transferred 3 and she had her daughter. So I thought my odds were good at getting one with transferring 2. Low and behold, we transferred 2 and we got 2! Hannah & Kayleigh are now 3 months old and the LOVE OF MY LIFE. I wouldn't change it for the world. My co-worker had 2 transferred and she is expecting 1 - a baby boy in July. I think it depends on the person and the type of infertility you have. My infertility was male factor, my co-worker had both and my friend is female factor. GOOD LUCK! And yes Kate had IUI. BTW - I can't stand her.

dani2807 |

How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

We had male factor infertility with no issues on my part. We made the decioion to return 2 embryos back with the knoweldge that we could get twins and the odds of more than that were pretty far out there. We not only got pregnant on the first round but both embroys took and 1 split into identical twins. That's right we had triplet boys in August of 2009. They were healthy just small. I had vertually no problems carrying them. I was put in the hospital at 31 weeks and delivered the boys the day that I was 34 weeks. 2 babies went to NICU just to gain weight and the 3rd went to Newborn and was released from the hospital with me. The other 2 only stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks and were then released!!!!

ladyrebel1 |

How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

It totally depends on how many embryos you have transferred. Lots of women want to have 2 or 3 transferred to up the odds of conceiving (since each cycle is SO expensive and often not covered by insurance). But that of course increases the chance of multiples. Some fertility clinics offer "shared risk programs" where for a flat fee (like $20,000) you can get up to 6 cycles of trying and if you don't have a baby, you get your money back. If you can do something like this, you may feel more comfortable having them transfer just 1 (or max 2) embryos knowing that if you don't conceive, you have 5 more chances. With fewer embryos transferred, risk of multiples is much lower.

castilleoh1 |

How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

I believe it's all up to God. I went through 2 courses of IVF. The first I had 2 embryos transferred that were good grade but neither of them took. The second IVF I only had the choice of transferring 1 and it turned out to be golden :o) My husband and I are expecting our first child in February. If you are sure you can handle the possiblity of having twins I say go for 2 embryos at implantation but no more than that. If you really only want a singleton than just transfer one great embryo and you may be very surprised at the outcome :o) Good luck and God Bless!

klaceys |

How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

I went through 2 rounds of IVF after multiple tries with IUI. The first round I had 3 embryos transferred and none took. The second round, I also had 3 embryos transferred and WOW! All 3 decided to stick this time, with one splitting into identical twins giving us quads. We spontaneously lost the identical twins at about 8 weeks, so now we are having twins! We were ok with having multiples and our doctor only transferred 3 embryos because we were only able to do the 2 cycles of IVF.

SaraK1 |

Q&A: How likely is a multiple birth if undergoing IVF?

With mulitple transfers it can go either way, our first IVF cycle we had 2 embryos transfered and none took, we then did a FET with 1 embryo, that didnt take either, THEN.... we did another IVF this time 5 embryos were transfered, again same result. Last month we did another IVF, transfered 2, and we ARE pregnant, in 2 weeks we will know if we are having multiples.