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Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I'm about 15 pounds overweight. Should I wait to TTC until I've lost the weight?

Re: I'm about 15 pounds overweight. Should I wait to TTC until I've lost the weight?

The Bump Expert

You're smart to want to get your weight closer to its ideal before you get busy TTC. If you're overweight when you get pregnant, it ups your chances of dangerous pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. And if you don't have healthy food and fitness habits pre-conception, you're more likely to pack on too many pounds once you're eating for two -- and have a hell of a time shedding the post-baby flab. (Reality check: It's not as easy as Heidi Klum makes it look.) Plus, studies show that overweight women have a harder time getting preggo, so losing a few pounds might make TTC easier.

That said, don't put your family planning on hold indefinitely while you chase the ideal physique. Give yourself a set period of time (say, between three and six months) to focus on getting fit and eating right, and see how you do. Even if the scale doesn't quite get down to your goal weight, your new healthy habits will have body in a much better position for baby making.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Overweight and TTC?

I do agree with whats written above, BUT my friend is over 300lbs and so is her DH and they conceive with no problem. They are about to have #2.

KellB916 |

re: Q: Overweight and TTC?

I have always battled with my weight but I am now the heaviest I have ever been. I have just recently lost 12 lbs and I am still trying to lose another 25 before I feel good about getting pregnant. I am 5'5" 166 currently. Am I putting too much pressure on myself or is 25 lbs reasonable to get my body to the right weight for pregnancy?

kate5779 |

re: Q: Overweight and TTC?

I am about a 100 lbs over weight and I am currently 14 weeks pregnant.... I have really been watching what I am eating and excercising, but I still worry about having problems throughout this pregnancy. I have not had any problems yet and made it threw the first trimester just fine. Is it ok for me to lose weight and be pregnant at the same time?

Stephanie729 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I am about 50lbs overweight...I am 5'5 and weigh 200. My doctor told me that loosing weight is definately a good idea (which I already knew). BUT...she did say to only loose about 1-2lbs a week...don't do anything drastic when TTC. She said rapid weight loss or gain can throw ur ovulation and menstration all out of wack which would make it harder! So, yes definately work on shedding those pounds, but not drastically. She did say that once I get pregnant she definately does NOT want me to loose any weight, but to maintain where I am (as much as possible) and not go overboard when I do start gaining with baby. Stephanie729...she did say that the first trimester is the most vital, so if you made it thru that, I bet you will do just fine! Just keep eating better and exercising.

Katiebuggs0128 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I too am about 50lbs overweight. I've been trying to loose SOMETHING for the past year and a half so far. I'm tired of waiting and just want to get it done. I hope I'm not being too selfish by putting myself & future baby in danger.

Crystal |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

As mentioned above, being overweight, particularly obese, before entering pregnancy can increase risk of pregnancy complications. However, recent research also shows that it increases how fat your fetus, then newborn, then child, then teen, etc become. We all know how difficult it is to battle with weight. By doing our best to lose fat before getting pregnant, we improve the odds that our child won't have to have the same battles later in life. Don't do anything drastic because major energy (carb, fat) cutbacks all at once can hurt fertility, but even losing some body fat improves the chances of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

equinesci2005 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

Here's a question: although I am not at my ideal body weight, I still have a healthy BMI, but DH is overweight. How does his weight affect our ability to concieve?

JRockL |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

The hubs and I have just decided that we will start TTC in approx. six months. Its going to give us time to get healthy, we both need to lose, and prepare for the biggest life change ever. Also, it give him time to finish his MBA before any babies come about. Until we made this decision, I have been on a rollercoaster with weight, lost 40lbs, and have since gained it back. (Gotta love marriage, haha.) But my motivation is more for a potential child to be healthy more so than outward appearance. Hopefully we can make it happen and all of us get healthy at once.

lauraking83 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

When I got pregnant with my first I was only 30lbs overweight and only gained the recommended 35lbs and I had a totally problem free pregnancy. However, I never lost a single lb of baby weight and in the last 5.5 years have since gained - I am now 95lbs overweight and just starting to TTC baby #2 - I don't know yet how my weight will affect TTC as Jan 2010 will be my first month of TTC but I have been eating better for about a month and taking prenatal vitamins for 2 months so hopefully that will help. :) Our plan is to TTC for a few months and if we don't have any luck we'll take a two month break during which I will try to lose 15lbs and see if that helps. Good Luck to all of you TTC and Congratulations to all of you who've succeeded! :D

ShirleyT83 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

We were married in Jan 2010. We are not preventing pregnancy and would be thrilled to death to have a child;however, I know I am too heavy. You would think that is motivation to loose weight, but its not and tha makes me feel guilty! Grr

GV0903 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

What if you're UNDERWEIGHT??? I'm sure there are still risks. I'm not underweight for my size (5ft 100lbs) but is it to small to TTC?

gavittharris |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

Yeah my story is kinda funny. I was about 80lbs overweight last year, and I knew I had to lose the pounds if I wanted a healthy pregnancy. I lost 45 of it in about 8 months time, and BOOM.... we conceive! I guess my body decided it was healthy enough to at least get pregnant! LOL

starbliss |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

i've had an interesting experience with the weight loss. in june 2009 i weighed 303lbs. in nov 2009 i had gastric bypass surgery and i've lost 130lbs. i'm now bouncing around in the 170s which i'm extremely happy about. i spoke to my dietician b/c i am very close to TTC. since august i've been obsessing over losing another 25lbs to get close to my ideal weight and the scale just hasnt budged, but she told me that it might not. so i've come to terms with the possibility of getting prego at my weight, which is a hell of a lot better than getting prego at 300lbs.

saramichelleb |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I was over 300 lbs and lost about 75 lbs. My doctor said I needed to lose 25 more, but the waiting was killing us and so we started TTC. I was still losing weight and cycle was all over the place. Once I stopped trying to lose weight, we got pregnant. So I am now 4 months pregnant, have gained some weight but nothing too bad. So far I have had no complications and am completely healthy. So yes losing weight is important, but don't kill yourself over it.

mcapps143 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I think this is a very wide spread misconception. Some couples conceive just fine being over weight, while others have issues. Please do not let this post scare you into thinking just because you are heavy you are predisposed to "preeclampsia and gestational diabetes". There is a lot of research done which disproves this claim. Be happy, be pregnant and love your baby!

Rawr08 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

Hey there, I only wanted to comment on the gestatonal diabetes bit. I was not overweight when I got pregnant, gained only baby weight .... pregnancy killed my appetite and for the most part I had to force myself to eat, so all the weight I gained was my belly. (I gained 8 kilos in all); and by the time our daughter was 3 months old I weighed less than I had at the start :). Maybe I should mention that I live in the city, we don't have a car so I walk everywhere, plus have a dog to walk. Nonetheless, I had gestational diabetes. I wasn't too surprised since I'm hypoglycemic, but it had nothing to do with my weight or lifestyle. It's probably more comfortable being pregnant and not being overweight, but don't think that these complications come only as a result of it :). Enjoy your pregnancy, no matter how much you weigh! It's the most wonderful time :).

Magsk |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I'm 270 pounds. I am trying to lose some weight. I have already lost 7 pounds. Cause my husband and I want to start a family. I have a herniated disk as well, so should I wait at least till I lose 50 pounds more.

dkocak1981 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

Every time when I was pregnant(three times) I had health problems but only one disease relapse every three months. It was a nightmare till a doctor recommended me to do the treatment for yeast infection. At the third pregnancy finally I didn't have that problem. It was a relief to me because I didn't have to do another treatment to endanger my unborn baby.

marta8080 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I have a 10 month old son, am pregnant with our second, and I have a full time high stress job. I am also about 60 lbs overweight, I have recently lost about 30lbs because we started planning for our second and I wanted to be healthier. We were surprised a little earlier than expected as we had not planned to start TTC for 3 more months! So I had to put my weight loss goals on hold. I would like to share some advice with you all, being overweight and pregnant or TTC. As things don't always follow our perfect timeline, sometimes losing weight is not an option. It is better to be at a healthy weight before TTC but if you become pregnant, the best thing to do is eat right for you and your baby. Losing weight before becoming pregnant is ideal because being a mom is not easy, and the more extra weight you have the harder it makes it.

alysia122888 |


I weigh 200 pounds but I'm built big I was 9 pounds when I was born my shoulders where wide and my stomach was small the drs told my mom id always be bigger then most people my age because the way I'm built .. I lost 5 pounds but I wanna lose some more I need to be 169 to join the navy can someone please tell me the best way to lose weight quick I don't like being over weight

hdm2012 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I would suggest worrying more about your health than your weight, if it's a major concern. If you're overweight but maintain a healthy diet and get a decent amount of exercise, your "increased risk" from being overweight isn't going to be as pronounced. Similarly, even if you're at a healthy weight but eat poorly and have a sedentary lifestyle, those issues are more likely to creep up. Being overweight can correlate to issues, but many of those risks can be managed with a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy (and after!) regardless of your weight.

ehbeesea |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

I'm about 60 lbs overweight and have high blood pressure. I've lost about 15lbs but still am worried about my health. I don't want to weight much longer? what should I do?

amus112904 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

It's good that you've started the process to get healthy! I'm in the same boat and after starting out super impatient (I want to get lose weight/get pregnant NOW!) I've decided that only one of these factors is completely within my control. There's no guarantee that you'll get pregnant asap (even though we all keep our fingers crossed) but if you start moving towards you're goal even while ttc, you're going to be more healthy and happier than where you are right now. Yay!

lmioc888 |

Q&A: Getting pregnant if you're overweight?

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