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Q&A: Gender selection theories?

We've heard tons of different ideas about different ways to 'naturally' select your baby's gender. What kind of theories have you heard?

Re: We've heard tons of different ideas about different ways to 'naturally' select your baby's gender. What kind of theories have you heard?

The Bump Expert

First, some of the suggestions we have been given over the years...

For a boy -- have rear-entry sex standing up, when you're both stressed out, at night, on an odd day of the month, when there's a quarter moon, with mom's head pointing north, and make sure dad's testicles are warm. Lay down afterwards... and make sure it's to the left of dad!

For a girl -- have missionary sex with mom on top, when you're both relaxed, in the afternoon, on an even day of the month, when there's a full moon, and make sure dad's testicles are cool.

For a boy -- eat red meat, salty stuff, calcium and magnesium-rich food. (Dads, drink soda -- especially cola.)

For a girl -- eat chocolate, sweets, potassium, and (both mom and dad) lots of fish and veggies.

For a boy -- dad should suggest sex, climax first and be the dominant partner in the relationship.

For a girl -- mom should suggest sex, climax first and be the dominant partner in the relationship.

Some of the theories our users have heard...

"The rule is this: On top = a girl, missionary = a boy." -elevendiamonds

"Doggy style makes boys." -Bonzer

"I've heard that if your DH is 'pretty' then you will have a girl first, and if he is handsome (more rugged or not as pretty) then you will have a boy first. We are having a boy..." -Bridey1

"I heard it's the 'type' of sex you had when conceiving. Wild = boy, tame = girl." -littlecindy

"I have heard about for a boy, doing it day of or after ovulation. My FIL always tells us that my DH was his 'best swimmer.' We are going to try it actually! We have a DD, so now we are on for DS." -Mandy8

"Someone asked me the other day if I had a 'feeling' one way or the other on the gender. I said I was leaning towards boy. She asked, 'Oh, did you eat a lot of oranges before you conceived?'" -Dobie_Mama

"We went for a sports theme: My husband wore sports equipment (shoulder pads and a football helmet) and I wore my old cheerleading uniform... Not! Role playing is one thing, believing that it will determine the sex of your child is another." -Doodlebugz

"Our mom group leader has a theory -- it was true for her five kids, our DD and a friend. She said that if you have sex before you ovulate it will be a girl, and if you have sex when or after you ovulate it will be a boy. She said that girl sperm live longer than boy sperm but boy sperm swim faster than the girl sperm." -mommycj

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Gender Selection Theories?

I heard that if the mom has wider hips, it will more likely be a boy, and if she has slimmer hips, it will more likely be a girl. Of course, this is just an old wives' tale, but hey, it can't hurt!

JeriMacDougall |

re: Q: Gender Selection Theories?

what about if the women was lying onn her back, wouldn't that be missionary. or what?

leilanimilan28 |

re: Q: Gender Selection Theories?

My DH and I follow the Billings Method of Ovulation. On their site ( they actually mention something similar to mommcj's comment. I don't really think the speed of the female/male sperm is a factor, but your wetness and acidity is. You're very wet (slippery) when you ovulate, and that helps the sperm survive. The last slippery day is your "peak" and then you become much drier. Female sperm is more tolerant to the acidity in your vagina than male sperm, so they may be more likely to reach the edge if you have sex just after the peak. I don't know how well it works, but at least you'll have fun trying! =)

ddemeo |

re: Q: Gender Selection Theories?

webmd actually has a fertility calendar you can use and they will customize for boy or giirl or either. their reasoning is the same as the faster/slower sperm

christian*bride |

re: Q: Gender selection theories?

I'd like to preface this with, we're not even trying ttc yet, BUT my inlaws are force feeding me nuts everytime they see me b/c they claim people from their culture believe if you eat lots of nuts, that's what you get.

JJcre8 |

re: Q: Gender selection theories?

I've heard that drinking lots of orange juice, eating olives and yams helps with TTC. And the man should eat figs. Any truth to any of this?

KellB916 |

re: Q: Gender selection theories?

One of my clients at work told me you take the age of the mother at conception, subtract the number of the month you conceived in. If it is an odd number it is going to be a boy. If the number is even it will be a girl.

karthom |

re: Q: Gender selection theories?


Maude1014 |

re: Q: Gender selection theories?

I really think that trying to select your baby's gender is dumb.You should be happy that you can get pregnant because some women can't and would be happy with just having a baby. Also you should be happy if your blessed with a healthy baby regardless if it's a boy or girl.I am expecting our first bundle of joy this October. My husband and I don't care if the baby is a Boy or Girl. As long as the baby is healthy, that is all that matters!Regardless of Position, how often you have sex, Everything is just a "Theory". None of this has scientific background.

sherry831 |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

my doctor said boy sperm swim slower but last longer so its best to conceive right before your period is due because the egg is lower. It worked for my sister.

Lil1kitkat |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

I have heard the whole boy sperm vs girl sperm and how fast they are so on and so forth stuff. Idk if it works. I agree with sherry831. You should just be excited to have a baby and want it to be healthy there are so many women in this world that are not blessed with natural motherhood so the fact that you are is such a gift. However, it doesnt hurt to wish for one gender or another. I would prefer boys just because that fits my personality but I will not be upset if I have a girl. I have names picked out for both :)

kdwhitley |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

Hear this from two midwives: Girl sperm lives longer than male. Male sperm swims faster. To have a girl have sex before ovulation so that the sperm will live longer and reach the egg after boys have died. To have a boy have sex as you ovulate so they outswim the girls.

danlylaWed163061 |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

After having 3 boys I read and followed the book "How to choose the sex of your baby"...and now I have a GIRL! It was all about TIMING and whether or not the female had a orgasm during intercourse. For want to do it a few days before ovulation and with boys you want to do it the day of ovulation. Get the book to read MORE.

tiff3frog |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

get a 4d ultrasound done

Natfaith19 |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

I was told about a book called "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby" by a friend of mine. Her and her husband already had a little boy and she really wanted to have a girl. Her husbands side of the family was only males. They read the book and followed all the instructions and they now have a beautiful little girl. I have read the book and it sounds logical. I am going to try what they suggest in the book for this pregnancy and hopefully get the little girl that I want. They do warn in the book that it is NOT a sure thing. They have an 80-90% success rate for boys and a 75-80% success rate for girls. It's all in the timing and position. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is curious or wanting to try for a specific gender.

jenna_k04 |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

There's really no way to know if these theories work because you have a 50/50 shot at being correct no matter what so if you eat something specific or have sex a specific way and you end up with the gender you wanted it is likely just natural selection anyway! So long as you're happy whether it's a boy or a girl I say have fun trying!!


Q&A: Gender selection theories?

These are all ridiculously stupid! I hope no one takes these seriously!

Dahlia2007 |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

hey if you don't want to play along then stop reading these. conception is all about having fun and some of these could be a playful change so babymaking doesnt turn into a chore after a while.

chispis |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

I must be out of the acronym loop... I know TTC is Trying To Conceive. What are all the other ones? DD, DH, DS,... and anyother ones that are relevant to this topic!? LOL Thanks for the help

meowmim |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

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lisamaso |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

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jemacarrie |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

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mindabasic |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

There is a method hat was initially published in Nature magazine an proven subsequently in human trials gendermethod |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

the site is babymethod dotcom

gendermethod |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

I'm willing to try a few things for sh*** and giggles, but even though I wanted a girl the first time around, after finding out he was a boy by ultrasound, 30 seconds later, I wasn't dissapointed. No sex tops having a healthy baby.

LiebeMama |


People tell me all the time that I am "silly" for trying to "choose "I my babies gender... well I have news for them. Some families carry genetic traits specific to gender. For example all the females in my family on both sides have depression but the men don't. So don't make me feel bad because i want to try for a boy. Will i be upset if its a girl NO.

cafe_girl_3 |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

Baby_Baby gender determination before birth and conception. Baby gender determination by photo of parents only. To do this I have an account and a group on Facebook. The group is called Baby gender by parents photo.__

valers06 |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

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bestproduct |

Q&A: Gender selection theories?

i have tried many of the above techniques but unfortunately, i've been told by friends and family that the chance of having a boy or a girl naturally is still 50/50. The only other option i am considering now is maybe PGD gender selection like these guys offer. There a guarantee that i will conceive so i'm definitely considering this.

samantha275 |