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Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

Is it bad for my husband to drink while we’re trying to conceive?

Re: Is it bad for my husband to drink while we’re trying to conceive?

The Bump Expert

Your hubby can't give your baby fetal alcohol syndrome, but there is some evidence alcohol can mess with his sperm. What happens? Well, according to a 1994 study on rats, male alcohol use prior to conception might hurt your chances of getting pregnant or lead to children that are smaller, have compromised immune systems, or are more prone to behavioral or hormonal disturbances. Another rat study links male drinking prior to conception to hyperactive children. On the other hand, we aren’t rats and these studies don't necessarily mean that alcohol has the same effect on humans.

The conclusion? Talk to your doc and your husband, and then decide together whether he should cut back. Occasional drinking isn't generally considered to be a problem, but regular (two drinks per day, or five drinks in one sitting at least once per month) or heavy drinking (more than what's listed above) could be risky. If he drinks regularly, this might be a good time to ease off the bottle anyway -- you certainly don't want a tipsy husband taking care of a baby!

Erin van Vuuren

re: Q: Does Alcohol Hurt Sperm?

I am sooooo in trouble! LOL!! Asking DH to give up beer?! I might as well ask him for the moon, LOL!!

Sharra711 |

re: Q: Does Alcohol Hurt Sperm?

DH was great when we decided that we wanted to start TTC. The first day he put is down, and has only drank once since then (and then it was only because his buddy was home from overseas).

jess_and_tim31707 |

re: Q: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

I need to give it up, I think he should too. I don't think I'd want him drinking around me when I can't. Plus we want a healthy strong baby, I don't think men realize how they play a part genetically.

SoonToBeMrsCamp |

re: Q: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

I am glad I am not the only one making their husband stop drinking before trying for our second baby. It just make sense.. plus I want some quality sperm not drunk sperm ;)

bobby2007 |

re: Q: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

we only drink once a week and we are trying to have a baby should we stop all together?

tryinghardmlaird |

re: Q: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

I work for Child Protective Services and while we commonly see Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, there is something called Fetal Alcohol Effect that comes from the sperm. Basically the sperm is affected only after continuous, chronic, and excessive drinking. The physical features charactarized by FAS are not present in a baby born with FAE, but some of the same complications can arise. For most men, their consumption of alcohol probably does not reach the level of harming the sperm.

bhoffelder |

re: Q: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

While we were TTC I asked my husband to stop drinking on week days, and this was a reasonable compromise between his having one or two drinks every day and stopping altogether.

amy_lynn_hill |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

As far as I know alcohol does hurt a man's sperm and it is not recommended to drink while trying to have a baby. I have a friend that went to an alcohol rehab NJ clinic because he wanted to have baby with his wife but couldn't because of his alcohol problems. It is strongly recommended that neither of the parents should drink/smoke while trying to conceive.

BellaShepard |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

If you want my advice, tell your husband to quit alcohol for a while. If you're trying to conceive, do your best. It takes some effort but in the end you'll both get what you want. Your child's health should be the main thing to focus on. I agree with Sofia. Some people don't seem to think this is a priority. I know that because I also suggested Illinois drug rehabilitation to some young mothers. Not too late I hope.

MalindaHartwig |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

If you are both healthy, then it shouldn't affect you, in fact, it can help you both relax and that is supposed to be the key to getting pregnant.. I wouldn't drink too much though, alcohol can slow down your sperm's motility which can cause problems, so common sense is the secret, don't abuse any substance, or you might need alcohol addiction rehab. Anwyway with moderation, having a few drinks could help though. Relaxing and enjoying yourself is a great way to get started.

kci15 |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

Yes Ofcourse..Certified Translations

jacksonaaa |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

Alcohol affects everything, depending on its concentration and on your drinking habits, from your skin tone to your neurons and the aging process, so I'm pretty sure it also hurts the quality of the seminal liquid. I went to a few seminars on alcoholism by rehab Florida to support a friend who was going through the difficult stages of withdrawal and I was stunned at the number of devastating side effects of drinking alcohol.

wwest13 |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

I think the other answers cover the effects of alcohol on sperm. One important point that I thought should be mentioned is that one must take into account the life cycle of the sperm. Sperm live anywhere from 40-85 days, so close to three months. That means that any alcohol consumed up to 85 days prior to trying may be affecting the sperm. My wife and I agreed that no alcohol or caffeine (another substance that affects sperm) for three months before starting to try is the safest way to be sure.

jbsjbs21 |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

I wish my DH would even slow down on the drinking.

katieawall |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

My husband loves his beer! Although we have discussed cutting back- -we just started TTC. Lately -- he MAYBE has 1 or 2 a night, and most times not even that anymore. I was so surprised when he went golfing the other day and between the 2 of them for 6 hours they had 3 beers each!!!!. I am going to love this-- I am not a drinker and never understood what he liked in it. This is a huge change for him because he is fully capable of having like 6 a night-- and if he is golfing much more than that.. He confessed to me the other day he is scared that he cant be the father he wants to be and I told him it is all in your hands you need to make the life changes-- and looks like he is!!! I love it.. I thought this was going to be much more diffucult.

ashaffer12410 |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

Alcohol if consumed in large quantities could hamper your overall health. So basically you have to be cautious while having alcohol. Drugs are worse for health, drug addiction could ruin a person both physically and mentally. To eradicate this stricter measures have to be taken only then drug war could be won.

laboni |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

Yes, it is bad like all the other drug addictions.It could cause severe diseases.I know this because I am a journalist and I`ve wrote an article about the most drug addicted countries in the world and I saw so many babies with all kind of disorders because of their parents addictions.

ioana06 |

Q&A: Does alcohol hurt sperm?

My husband and I just talked about this (he makes beer sometimes and of course wants to be able to drink what he makes) but we came to the decision that he is going to stop drinking while we are TTC but I told him once we are pregnant he can drink again as long as it is in moderation... after all he'll have me as a DD. Then once we have the baby he is going to stop drinking during the first few months following the birth of our child since we won't have much time to socialize then anyways! He thought this was a very fair compromise!

JWO1370 |