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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

We've been TTC for awhile now and I am thinking about going to a fertility doctor, but my insurance doesn't cover it. What kinds of tests do they perform to see if there are any problems?

Re: We've been TTC for awhile now and I am thinking about going to a fertility doctor, but my insurance doesn't cover it. What kinds of tests do they perform to see if there are any problems?

The Bump Expert

If you are younger than 30, the general recommendation is to try for a year before you seek professional help; for the 30+ set, six months is the cut-off.

Once you're ready to see a doctor, be prepared for a whole battery of tests and in-depth interviews about your sexual habits. If your physician can't trace your TTC trouble to any problems with your general health, then he will likely want to perform more specific evaluations. These can include an analysis of body temperature and ovulation, x-raying your fallopian tubes and uterus, hormone testing, etc. He may also perform a semen analysis on DH.
All these evaluations will help you decide what the best course of action is, like drug therapies, surgery, or IVF.

In terms of your insurance, do a little digging before you give up on that route. Fourteen states, including California, Illinois, and New Jersey, have laws that require insurers to cover some form of infertility diagnosis and treatment. You can learn more about your state's policy by calling the local Insurance Commissioner's office or by consulting the RESOLVE website.

Dr. Joseph Hill

re: Q: Fertility Tests?

I think when the response states: "All these evaluations will help you decide what the best course of action is, like drug therapies, surgery, or IF." Dr. Hill meant IUI or IVF.

tbonegrl |

Q&A: Common fertility tests?

Look into Naprotechnology. It is amazing. There are few doctors that specialize in it so you may need to travel but it is well worth it. If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them but it is a much better route than a fertility specialist that is just going to treat you with IVF. Napro is also covered by insurance....

lexi7137 |

Q&A: Common fertility tests?

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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

I have learned that doctors will often tell you to get a battery of tests because that is the protocol for everyone rather than addressing your specific issues. I would recommend going to a fertility center for the initial screening. My husband & i went together & it was $90 for his semen anaysis & my blood test & ultrasound. It was very easy and painless. My husband was diagnosed with male infertility. My gyne and the nurse at the clinic told me to have a hysteropingography also to check my fallopian tubes. There seemed to be no reason to have this done since we knew we had to do ivf based on my husbands results. This procedure was extremely painful and invasive and completely unnecessary since you dont even need fallopian tubes for ivf! It does look at the uterus too, but there are much less invasive & less painful procedures thay can do for the uterus. It is also very $$$ if you dont have insurance to cover it. Just make sure you ask questions & find out valid reasons for having certain tests. I wish i looked into this instead of just trusting them without reason. Good luck!

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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

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Q&A: Common fertility tests?

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