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QUIZ: Test Your Babymaking IQ!


Trying to conceive? The learning curve can be pretty steep -- or super-fun! Take our quiz to see how much you really know about making a baby.

When is prime babymaking time?

When it comes to babymaking, practice makes perfect. The more we get it on, the better, right?

Speaking of, the window is…

When is ovulation, exactly?

Whoa! My husband and I polished off a whole bottle of pinot last night! Was that bad for getting pregnant?

How long does the egg live in the uterus?

What position works best when you’re trying to make a baby?

For the ladies, these things can impact fertility:

For the men, these things can impact fertility:

Chugging cough syrup will totally help you conceive!

My friend told me I should be charting by now. What does that mean?

You have about a ___ percent chance of conceiving in any given month.