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Craziest Things That Happen While Trying to Get Pregnant

Sure, making a baby can be romance and candles -- but it can also be awkward and gross. Bumpies revealed the craziest things they said or did while trying to conceive. You’ve been warned!

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“I stuck myself multiple times a day with a needle, did countless trans-vaginal ultrasounds, and spent thousands of dollars…all worth it.” – Melissasmom

“Honey! It’s 7:02 and we were supposed to trigger at 7! Hurry up, we’re missing our chance!” --kingsgal

“My husband makes an imploding sound, as if he knows exactly when his sperm has made it past my cervix.” --laughqueen

“I never thought I’d be calling an IVF clinic to see how many of my eggs fertilized!” -- Mary S.

“After sex I make a beeline to the bathroom to avoid a UTI, and my husband yells, ‘Hey! Are you peeing out our children?’” -- Kayla M.

“I never thought I’d lay in bed for twenty minutes after sex with my legs in the air. Or that my husband would time me.” -- SuzieQ

“I never thought I’d send this text when I got a positive on my ovulation predictor kit: ‘Code: Blinking Smiley, I repeat, we are at Code: Blinking Smiley.’” -- Danielle T.

“My husband and I were doing it so much that his man part got bruised. The doc said he should stay off it for a few days!” -- pamjam

“I never thought I’d actually measure how long my cervical mucus stretched between my fingers.” -- Diana Y.

“It was imperative we have sex at his parents house so we went outside in the car…only to be caught by the neighbor’s five year old. Mortifying!” -- momto4

“My husband started calling me Queen LaQueefa. Enough said.” -- Gina J.

“I would get so mad if I overslept on the weekends and didn’t get to record my basal temperature on time! Who else would be mad about getting more sleep?” -- Janice N.

Names have been changed.

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