Signs Of Ovulation

For most women who are trying to conceive, ovulation and fertility are two of the biggest concerns…or, okay, obsessions. Our comprehensive guide to fertility and ovulation will help you navigate the entire process and answer all sorts of questions for you. Really, the baby journey begins even before you start trying to conceive. The first step is working with your partner to figure out if you’re truly ready to have a baby. We’ll help you through those sometimes difficult conversations, and if you end up deciding you are ready to start trying, we’re here for everything that comes next, too. First, you’ll want to learn about signs of ovulation and how to track and predict your cycle. You also should be doing everything you can to promote your fertility, and we’ll tell you just how to do that. Once you think you might be pregnant, we’ll help you navigate the often overwhelming world of fertility tests. If you’re looking for companionship in your process, we also have a huge community of users who are going through the same journey of trying to get pregnant. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to visit our community message boards and get support, feedback, and all sorts of other help from your fellow Bumpies.

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Signs Of Ovulation

Learn how to recognize the common signs of ovulation. If you're trying to conceive but don't know how to tell when ovulation occurs, TheBump can help. Learn what ovulation is and how to recognize its signs. Plus, find everything else you need to know about getting pregnant, pregnancy tests, and what to expect at your preconception checkups.

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