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Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

We've been in infertility treatment for over two years and my husband has agreed to consider adoption. We don't know whether we should adopt domestically or internationally. Which one is best?

Re: We've been in infertility treatment for over two years and my husband has agreed to consider adoption. We don't know whether we should adopt domestically or internationally. Which one is best?

The Bump Expert

International and domestic adoption appeal to different people for different reasons. Neither is inherently better than the other, although one or the other may be better for you. I hate the competition that sometimes surfaces between proponents of either domestic or international adoption, with each side attempting to scare prospective families away from the other choice. Anytime a family finds a child and a child finds a family, regardless if that child is from Beijing or Boston, the world is a better place.

In my experience, most people will instinctively feel more comfortable with one type of adoption depending on their priorities. The top priority for parents who are drawn to domestic private adoption is getting a child as young as possible with as much health information as possible. The top priority for parents who are drawn to the public foster care system is providing a home for a child who really needs them at virtually no cost. The top priorities for parents who are drawn to international adoption are the predictability of knowing that they will get a baby or toddler within a set period of time and a discomfort with the domestic adoption process (for example, the amount of time a birth parent has to revoke their consent to adopt or open adoption post placement).

Dawn Davenport

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?


Knot Matt |

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

I don't know which one best per say, but I have heard horror stories about trying to adopt within the US. That is why most people adopt overseas. The process is easier and faster. It is really hard/almost impossible to adopt a child from the US.

elitton |

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

I completely disagree with the previous poster. There are good and bad situations no matter which route you take to adopt. I think many people who adopt internationally would disagree that the process is easier (more paperwork) and faster (every situation is different). And it is not impossible to adopt a child from the US. There is more than one way to adopt domestically and depending on what agencies you go to, how open you are and whether you are looking to adopt an infant or going the way of foster to adopt. Dawn was correct in that not every situation is right everyone. I think you really have to look at your situation and carefully consider all options. For some money might be an issue, for others, it might be an open relationship with the birthparents, or some prefer no contact with birthparents. If you are planning your route to parenthood based on what is easier and faster, then you don't have the correct motivation to be adopting. I believe that the child that is meant to be a part of my family will come to us when the time is right and it might take a little more work and time on our part, but it's worth it to me.

randys_bride |

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

I also completely disagree with Elitton. International adoptions have become increasingly complicated, there is a lot of paperwork involved and the wait times continue to increase. That being said, if you find a country you are comfortable with that has a culture you feel you can fully embrace, it is certainly still an option. The most popular international adoption countries right now are Ethiopia and Korea. Korea will be/have been decreasing their number of adoptions out of country, and therefore wait times will probably increase. Ethiopia is also having some issues, but is still a viable option. The nature of international adoption is in itself unpredictable i.e. requirements, wait times can change. Domestic adoption through an agency is a really great option. You have the security of knowing everything is done legally. There is still a lot of paperwork involved either way. You might get to have an open adoption, which is empirically researched to be in the best interest of the child. Open adoption often scares people, but if you really do research on it and get some education, people usually come around to seeing it is in the best interest of the child. Adopting through foster care is also a good option. It is not right for everyone though and you should really do research on the needs of the children in the system. These kids are often a little older by the time they are legally freed for adoption. Hope that helps. Best of luck.

kathleenchi |

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

Different paths to adoption work for different families. Our personal search has led us to Domestic Infant Adoption. Contrary to popular myths, it is faster, cheaper, and provides more of the important information you need about the child than International Adoption.

WhitneyTM |

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

i think you should give it up for adoptin because helping a baby grow is harder then you think

laninabonita08 |

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

My husband and I just adopted a beautiful baby girl. It is a difficult process emotionally on either side. We had a friend that adopted from Russia and it was extremely difficult fior her. Do your research. Every country including the US have rules on adoption and who can and can not adopt. Be ready because it is not an overnight process by any means. And just like anything else we desire, we must be committed and work for it. Good luck!!!

Msshawn21 |

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

My husband and I started the adoption process about 2 months ago and we are finishing up our home study this week. We decided to go with a domestic adoption, because we wanted to know as much as we could about our child's biological history. We felt it would be important to our child both health wise and for having emotional information. We briefly considered international adoption, but decided that domestic was the best fit for us. I feel that it is a personal decision and you should think about what is the most important factors for your family. The one piece of advice I would give anyone is do your research. I've read about six books on adoptions and I feel like I've only scratched the surface. We know that we have a long road ahead of us, but we are excitied and trying to stay as positive as possible. One thing that I've noticed that noone has mentioned is that each state has different adoption laws and you need to keep that in mind as well. Good luck!!! Feel free to email me, because I would love someone to chat with that can relate.

Tiff238 |

Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

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Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

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Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

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Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

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Q&A: Domestic or international adoption?

It is best to research the agencies for both and see what is best for your family. One big difference is that with international adoptions you generally don't get an infant since by the time the adoption is complete the child might be between 8-12 months.

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