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Q&A: Adoption agencies that send few to US?

How do I adopt from a country that places very few children in the US?

Re: How do I adopt from a country that places very few children in the US?

The Bump Expert

The first place you should look for information on adopting from any country is the US State Department web page. This is by far the most reliable and complete source of basic information. Pay particular attention to the section on the number of adoptions to the US. If there are very few international adoptions, you need to be aware that you’re stepping off the well-trod path, and you should expect a bumpy ride. Second, look at the requirements for adoptive parents and make sure that you qualify. I’d also suggest that you contact the Consular Section at the US Embassy in that country via email. You can find contact information at the List of US Embassies. Ask questions about the length of the process and any recent roadblocks that you should be aware of.

Keep in mind that adoption agencies don’t often have programs in the countries that send very few kids to the US. If the country is a member of the Hague Adoption Convention on intercountry adoption, you’ll need to use an accredited US agency. If not, you may need to hire an attorney in that country to process the adoption. First, make sure that independent adoptions are legal in that country. This information should be on the US State Department page, but if you aren’t sure, ask the Consular office. Unless you speak the language of the country, communication will be a big problem. Ask the US Consulate Office if they know of any agencies that place from that country or any attorneys in the country that do adoptions. When hiring an attorney, ask how many adoptions they’ve completed in the last two years, the total cost, and the time from start to finish. Also ask for references.

For more information, check out the adoption charts on my website for the top countries that send children for international adoption in the United States. I include information on the 25 factors I think parents should consider when choosing a country from which to adopt.

Dawn Davenport

Q&A: Adoption agencies that send few to US?

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