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Bumpie Must Read: The Mom's Guide to Running a Business

If there’s one thing we know about all you Bumpies, it’s that you’re quite the ambitious group. That’s why we know you’ll love the new book, The Mom's Guide to Running a Business: Strategies for Work Success and Family Balance, from our very own Deputy Editor, Michelle Lee Ribeiro. Take a behind-the-scenes look at 28 cool moms who created their own successful businesses (think: everything from a natural skin care line to a booming bakery and café), some of them with very tiny tots in tow, and most of them from home. Phew! Sure, it was a challenge, but a doable challenge that actually left these women feeling happier and more fulfilled -- both professionally and personally. If you have a hobby you’ve secretly thought could translate to cash, if only you had the time, you might be inspired by these women’s stories.

Get your copy here.

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-- Caitlin Brody

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